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Why Nigeria was incoherent at World cup matches

After Nigeria drew her last match with South Korea 2-2 and crashed out of the on going World Cup in South Africa, I was inundated the queries as to why my prediction for a successful outing went bad. Some wanted

me to do post scrip to analyze properly what happened. Somehow I am a bit…


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A Flotilla Lesson For The Middle East Summit

Last week saw the real test on the resolve of the World to see through a Middle East Peace settlement in this generation. It was known as the Flotilla, and it sailed within our very gaze into the troubled waters of

the Gaza strip expecting to be welcomed by the open arms of the much trumpeted

2-state solution. Instead it was awakened by the rude reality that this

beautiful dream had not yet taken off concretely enough to form a shield of

defense against…


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Winning the war against ignorance in Nigeria

As a matter of preference I have tried to refrain from focusing on the many sided ills of decades of military and civilian misrule in Nigeria because I did not want to call attention to the bad or give undue credence to the

inconsequential at the expense of urgently needed reforms. It worked well in

the run up stages of the Nigerian revolution but then many begin to question if

truly these ills have had an impact enough to warrant our going back to it…


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