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How to save Nigeria from Constitutional anarchy

It is no longer news that five Nigerian Governors may not have to present themselves for election come 2011. April. What is still news is the number of States that may yet be involved in this exemption. I read that INEC wants to appeal the ruling. I know that some prominent lawyers like Mr. Femi Falana were contacted to defend the interest of some of those who may be directly affected by this ruling. It is no news that the ruling Party PDP will benefit most if the ruling is allowed. The above… Continue

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The Political Play that Kept Bayelsa State Dow

Political office holders seeking renewal of their mandate must lay bare their record of performance scrutiny for all to see and judge them by the votes they will cast during the elections .It was in the course of such a research that one stumbles into so much evidence to buttress the fact that Bayelsa State was kept down in the development index because of power play amongst contending leaders of this oil rich state. At a glance one is tempted to pass through the escapist…


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By Nwokedi Nworisara

Someone gave me a call after my recent appearance on AIT programmes focus on Nigeria live and demanded reasons why I seem to have shifted from being an opposition figure to supporting the ruling party in Bayelsa State.”How can you explain it to your dedicated readers?’ He fumed. I corrected that I had not changed my views, nor made a u-turn from any thing I wrote or said. Instead, what is playing out is the Nigerian… Continue

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Shame on Apostles of Insecurity in Bayelsa State


Even before the ink was due to dry in my article “Why PDP Win elections in Nigeria”, we already have an explosion in Bayelsa state to prove that this stage of the heinous plot is at hand. Don’t be carried away by this publicity stunt designed to create the impression that there is unjust political atmosphere and insecurity for the opposition in the state because nothing is farthest from the truth. Of…


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Registering to vote in Nigeria

Last Week I managed to register to vote in the coming April General Elections in Nigeria. It was no mean feat. For more than two weeks I tried to do so without success. I tried to register in my area of residence, Rumuobiakani, Port Harcourt but there was no machine allocated to my neighborhood. I got to understand that some influential persons wanted their own spots covered so the allocation of machines was reshuffled at the last moment. I tried to go to GRA where it was rumored the line was… Continue

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