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The new Nigeria is becoming a reality already. What remains is for us to understand and conciuosly apply the basic pillars and make it our own.

The following are the pillars on which it rests:

1. It recognises that Nigeria is best when we can build a nation that preserves the peoples as they are made by God not change them to conform to the dictates of the nation.In other words the nation will exist to facilitate the lives of the people… Continue

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Resolution of Niger Delta question comes from granting of rights


By Nwokedi Nworisara


The major challenge facing conflict resolution and sustainable development efforts in the Niger Delta is how to convince the average citizen why he /she should allow and encourage oil exploration and production in the region when it would mean a certain limitation of his/her rights to self determination and environmental purity. For governments… Continue

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Between President Jonathan and Obasanjo


By Nwokedi Nworisara

The news has it that there are nocturnal meetings between the failed Military and pseudo Military leaders who have been unsuccessful in transmuting to civilian leaders and lastly they appear to have sent out "our dear" President Obasanjo to deliver their verdict: That as expected they did not consider the Performance of the current President as up to their expectation.What they did not say is how much sabotage… Continue

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A New Bayelsa Youth Emerges

Bayelsa State is gradually wearing a new look following the Emergence of Governor Seriake Dickson with his Restoration Agenda. Youths from the various Local Government Areas of Bayelsa State are also gradually keying into the Restoration Agenda. Gone are the days when the Niger Delta and indeed Bayelsa State was characterised by youth restiveness, militancy and other social vices. The Youths of today are more than ever before determined to take their destinies in their hands to ensure a…


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Fuel Subsidy Removal and Pro -poor growth in Nigeria


Issues arrising from the fuel subsidy withdrawal protest  rallies and media debate since  January 2, bother on what has been variously described as declining trust between the governed and governing in Nigeria;the question of timing for implementation of this policy ,and the wasteful  or rather costly running of government in Nigeria at this time. To this end, the strike rallies have expanded their demands beyond return of the 65-naira pump price to include…


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The two major camps justling for Bayelsa Governorship have irreconciliable developmental strategy differences that belie their political positioning. If you fail to understand this ideological difference, then you are likely to miss the gist.The two camps-Green Movement and the Sylva camp( now that he is cleared to participate in the primaries) have contradicting visions for Development. The Green Movement as the name implies focuses on tourism while Sylva sees commerce as his own developmental… Continue

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Amnesty For Every Nigerian




 A Political system may achieve stability via policies put foward by the various regimes in power. Policies are organised in such a way as to achieve socio- economic stability. Stability comes about when policies exist to benefit the three major classes of society. While the upper class is concerned with economic growth, the middle classes crave for service delivery and better wages, the lower classes are concerned with welfare. A good government does…


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Bringing Back The Obama Miracle In 2012

As America prepares for the 2010 presidential elections with emergence of Republican candidates it may just be ripe for us to evaluate the chances of a re-election of the incumbent President Barrack Obama. In the light of recent Republican upsurge starting from the 2010 mid- term Election that gave them majority of the seats in the House of Representatives going on to the present attempt to put a ceiling to deficit borrowing. We know the consequences of the global market with the withdrawal of… Continue

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Nigerian issues: GEJ ,Zik et a


On assessing GEJ government in the light of Bombings and insecurity

GEJ is still acquiring power and until he gets on top of it he will continue to be cautious of its use. The polity is already soiled and he finds himself between the devil and the blue sea. Although he wants to move towards the new Nigeria he has to work with the old which is a hindrance to the emergence of the new. Remember he got there through intricate deals aimed at sustaining the status quo…


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Walking the minefield of Nigerian issues


Is Nigeria a nation of Quota system, religious bigotry, and economic opportunism?

What you enumerate is the outcome of military meddling in an area they are ill equip t to handle. What matters now is that we cannot change things by becoming fixed in it. If not for ourselves but for our children this is the time to make changes. Unfortunately they are going about it wrongly yet again without waiting to understand that you do not solve a problem by adopting the…


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Recent comments on burning national Issues


On doubt about one Nigeria

How can we pick crumbs when the table is fully laid? For 40 years they ruled you with this contraception   known as federalism and you have been in this pit toilet for all this time without complaint. Now you are about to be brought out of it and you are complaining of the smell. Now that GEJ is up there why can't you allow him rule them with the same contraception for a while until we all agree that a change in the constitution is to…


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The Final stages Of The Nigerian revolution

With the likely election of President Goodluck Jonathan on first ballot the Nigerian Revolution moves into the 3rd stage. Remember that the first stage of this peaceful revolution was kick started with the widespread discontent of Nigerians over the apparent refusal of Late President Yar Adua’s to hand over to his deputy during his medical trip abroad last year. There were protests led by Youth groups the most visible was the Prof Soyinka endorsed March on Abuja which helped to push the… Continue

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Nigerians: This Time Is Ours

For so long the Nigerian youth has suffered neglect from those entrusted with catering for their welfare. The youths have only served the purpose of prolonging the life of their fathers. Everywhere the old have set up cults to mislead the youths into obedience to their perverted ways. Some of us started this struggle to liberate the youths from this bondage as youths but today we are adults with a difference because we bear the wounds of our generation. We have remained peaceful because we…


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Nigeria: Head or Tail You win


 There are three likely outcomes from the forthcoming April 9th Elections in Nigeria and it does not deviate from my last year analysis titled “What the 2011 elections portend for Nigeria. All the outcomes indicate a first ballot victory for President Goodluck Jonathan. We may not go deeply here to unravel why it is so but suffix it to say that it will not be a surprise outcome for watchers of the Nigerian political system.

The first scenario…


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As Jonathan canpaigns in Bayelsa State

On Tuesday, March 8th 2011, Bayelsa State will witness a rousing reception for her illustrious son ,President Goodluck Jonathan at the Sampson Siasia Sports Complex. This reception originally expected to attract more than one million people has been toned down because of the obvious logistic difficulties it will present in terms of crowd control. Accreditation to this event has been tight even for journalists. This has been the case with every stop of the President in his nationwide campaign.… Continue

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How to save Nigeria from Constitutional anarchy

It is no longer news that five Nigerian Governors may not have to present themselves for election come 2011. April. What is still news is the number of States that may yet be involved in this exemption. I read that INEC wants to appeal the ruling. I know that some prominent lawyers like Mr. Femi Falana were contacted to defend the interest of some of those who may be directly affected by this ruling. It is no news that the ruling Party PDP will benefit most if the ruling is allowed. The above… Continue

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The Political Play that Kept Bayelsa State Dow

Political office holders seeking renewal of their mandate must lay bare their record of performance scrutiny for all to see and judge them by the votes they will cast during the elections .It was in the course of such a research that one stumbles into so much evidence to buttress the fact that Bayelsa State was kept down in the development index because of power play amongst contending leaders of this oil rich state. At a glance one is tempted to pass through the escapist…


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By Nwokedi Nworisara

Someone gave me a call after my recent appearance on AIT programmes focus on Nigeria live and demanded reasons why I seem to have shifted from being an opposition figure to supporting the ruling party in Bayelsa State.”How can you explain it to your dedicated readers?’ He fumed. I corrected that I had not changed my views, nor made a u-turn from any thing I wrote or said. Instead, what is playing out is the Nigerian… Continue

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Shame on Apostles of Insecurity in Bayelsa State


Even before the ink was due to dry in my article “Why PDP Win elections in Nigeria”, we already have an explosion in Bayelsa state to prove that this stage of the heinous plot is at hand. Don’t be carried away by this publicity stunt designed to create the impression that there is unjust political atmosphere and insecurity for the opposition in the state because nothing is farthest from the truth. Of…


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Registering to vote in Nigeria

Last Week I managed to register to vote in the coming April General Elections in Nigeria. It was no mean feat. For more than two weeks I tried to do so without success. I tried to register in my area of residence, Rumuobiakani, Port Harcourt but there was no machine allocated to my neighborhood. I got to understand that some influential persons wanted their own spots covered so the allocation of machines was reshuffled at the last moment. I tried to go to GRA where it was rumored the line was… Continue

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