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Break Up Nigeria


Break up Nigeria and get it over with! The colonial masters put the country together. They have been gone since 1960 yet instead of reverting back to the old countries and stay UNITED as a Commonwealth of Nations like the USA; the Hausas became the new colonial Masters!


The North should have invested in oil exploration in the north. They do not have oil in every state in the USA, yet they have managed to grow…


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What Is Western Style Democracy?

Is there Democracy in the world? Do you understand Democracy? Is having a 3-line Whip Democracy in western system of democracy is what they call Democracy? Is this the ideal system for Africa to copy? 

Yesterday it was Gaddafi; tomorrow who? We MUST have Nuclear Deterrent like North Korea, India, and Pakistan otherwise, they WILL come for our oil! They have already destroyed the Niger Delta with oil pollution and soon will enslave the government with debts!

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