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To Whom Should I Say Yes?

When a girl is growing mature, boys are all around her to show their interest. All of them would want to tell a story and show her they are the right candidates the Lord has chosen even when it is obvious to them that they are not the appropriate persons. They would dress well, feed well, fill their wallets with some cash and carelessly put some money in their transparent breast-pockets, all to entice. Actually, a lot of greedy girls are enticed and ensnared.

To get a…


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When the sun sets people return to their places of abode weary and tired, hungry and thirsty after toiling all day long.

When the sun sets the birds stop singing the toads start  croaking the butterflies cease flying,…


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Life is a stage and we are all actors and actresses with different parts to play.

The script has been written with time appointed to every scene and every part well defined by the Master Writer. As soon as you conclude your own part you will take a bow and exit the stage.…


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