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How To Establish Independence And Sense Of Self-Worth For A Successful Dating Relationship

Mindset plays a significant role in the general affairs of man. It is in the mind that we establish a sense of our own worth, moral boundaries, the power to choose, what it is we want from life, our standards, our character, our opinion of ourselves, self-respect and our individuality. These are the pillars of personality which marks out the individual as being worthy of respect by others.

It is the primary concern of each person in and out of a relationship - notwithstanding what kind…


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The Importance Of Appearance In Attracting A Date

The operating words of this topic are appearance and attracting.  Appearance also means outward show, manifestation, looks, form,

etc.  Attracting also means to draw, pull

towards you, be a magnet for, create a center of attention, catch the attention

of, exert a pull on, magnetize, invite, appeal…


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At What Age Can I Start Dating?

Dating is the first of the pre-marriage relationships.  The other stages are courtship and engagement.  It

simply means meeting, appointment, going out with someone or seeing someone

with the objective of learning relationship skills or socialization and building

a relationship.  The age at which someone

starts dating helps to determine…


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How To Repent From Wrongdoing In A Relationship

The importance of repentance in a relationship has been acknowledged as critical to freedom and peace of those involved.  Perhaps, the question now is how one can repent from a wrongdoing inflicted in a relationship.  The process of repentance for all offences is the same whether one is repenting from disobedience to God’s commandments or to parents’ counsel or from hurting a relationship partner.

There is conditions precedent to repentance and there is a process.  The condition…


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The Importance of Repentance In Relationships

Repentance means regret, sorrow, remorse, penitence, shame, contrition, apology and atonement for wrongdoing.  Human relationships generally are fraught with misunderstanding, cheating, abuses, mistakes, misconducts and hurtful acts.  Many people come into relationships with fraudulent intent.  Many come into it with the best intentions.  Regardless of the thesis upon which one came into a relationship, those involved suffer abuses, hurts and cheating from their partners or the impact of the…


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Dating And Morality – Love Is a Product Without Samples

There is an American soap – name forgotten now – where the following statement was made: Love is one product you cannot sell by giving out sample. The predominant mindset of the women,

especially those who feel time is running out on them because of age seem to be

give the man a little booty if you…


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Dating And Morality – The Mix-up

There is a recurring decimal in all the relationship problems involving women. Relationship pages in newspapers and magazines are replete with woeful bemoaning by women who have lost out in the

relationship game. The problem is that dating relationship is being mixed up

with marriage relationship. This mix-up is the…


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The Limited Value Of Sexual Intimacy

The value of sexual intimacy in a relationship is either over-emphasized or wrongly emphasized or both. Sexual intimacy is an integral part of the man-woman relationship. It is, however, not the foundation. All relationships between men and women when founded upon sexual intimacy must crumble regardless of how far it was taken to – dating, courtship, engagement or marriage. This is the bedrock of almost all relationship challenges faced by humanity. Such a relationship could be likened to a… Continue

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What Is This Dating And Courtship All About?

Dating in the relationship parlance is a meeting of two people of the opposite sex for the purpose of knowing if they can strike deeper relationships such as courtship and marriage. The aim of the dating relationship is to find

a possible courtship partner.

The concept of…


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Why We Need To Establish Foundation For Joyful Relationships

We all look forward to relationship with the opposite sex with much excitement. And we ought to, because our lives, progress, joys and blessings depend to a large extent on how we manage our relationship with the woman and the man we elect to live our lives with.

At the back of our minds is the question of how to do it right. This is because relationship with the opposite sex has been the major source of anxieties, sorrows, pain and anguish. Many people are hungry and thirsty for what is… Continue

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Growing Up To It The Hard Way

A trader who newly bought a vehicle came to the city market where he had his shop the next day with the vehicle for the first time after he bought it. He parked the vehicle in the parking lot. He went into the market and headed straight to his shop from the

direction of the parking lot. This was not his usual direction to the

market previous to the arrival of the vehicle. He did his business that

day. It was a particularly good-for-business but hectic…


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Can We Kiss During Dating?

The other day there was an interesting post by a friend on Facebook about the different meaning of the different types of kisses. The title is what each kisses mean.

A kiss on the forehead means we are cute together. A kiss on the cheek means we are friends. A kiss on the hand means I adore you. A

kiss on the neck means I want you now. A kiss on the shoulder means you

are perfect. A kiss on the lips means I love you.

These descriptions of kissing…


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Sex Is Not A Test To Find A Good Spouse

In this day and age, there several misconceptions about the marriage institution. One of such fallacies is the use of sexual intimacy as a way to find a

suitable spouse. A number of mundane

conclusions on how sexual intimacy serve to confirm if one would be a good

spouse include:…


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The country Nigeria and in fact Africa is at the brink of collapse. This is because the country and continent are built up on loot riches. Loot riches are not the same thing as wealth. Therefore, it cannot last beyond one generation. It does not just fizzle away; it sweeps away the people who made it and their immediate posterity. It does not matter how many years it lasts. It does not go beyond one generation. It does not matter how huge it is, it, as always would be lost. Loot… Continue

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How To use The Law of Reciprocity To Grow Your Relationship

The Law of Reciprocity is perhaps the most powerful and vital of all human motivators. Your regular use of it will bring you opportunities that you cannot

now envision. This principle says, “If you perform a duty for someone, that someone

will want to perform a duty for you. He or she would want to reciprocate in

some way so that he or she…


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How To Prepare Your Children For Life

My experience around Africa is that nowadays nobody is teaching our children our ways. There are no conscious efforts to have our children get the right type of education

that would ensure that they have a chance to survive, not to talk of

thriving. We have even lost the only

basic elements that is part of the colonially bequeathed education -

integrity. What we are concerned about

today is to get our children to pass examinations and get paper…


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How To Grow In Wisdom

The synonyms of wisdom include understanding, knowledge, insight, perception, astuteness, intelligence, acumen, good judgment. If you extend

this further, you get such words as sharpness, expertise, awareness,

discernment, thoughtful, considerate, sensitivity, observant, etc.…


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How To Grow Your Grocery Store Business Into A Stable Supermarket

The rate at which many small businesses collapse is of much concern. The world economic condition is impact more adversely on small

businesses. One of the business types

easily started by people is the small grocery stores. These come in all shapes and sizes. There is the one small room provision

store. There are the large warehouse

size shops or supermarkets. There are

also the ones that are started by the house or…


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Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Electricity, Electricity, Electricity

Dear Dr. Jonathan,

It is with a great sense of citizen duty that I write this letter to you. Your life has shown me that there are miracles in human nature. You and your name stand as evidence that God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

I do not think that you are an accident in our history. I see you as a deliberate attempt by God to salvage this people he loved so much that he gave them everything, human and materials for their development and progress. I have… Continue

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How To Date A Guy To An Early Marriage Decision ( Part 1)

Relationship pages in newspapers and magazines and even in books is replete with the lamentations of ladies who have suffered several set-backs in their dating relationships. Many have been bold enough to ask ‘what have

I done wrong?’ Many more have been

rendered hopeless and hateful by their dating experiences and have vo2wed never

to love a man again. Such stories as “I

have been with Mark for five years now.…


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