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Why Does My Skin Colour Upset You? By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr.

Lately, I have sincerely been asking God what is wrong with my black skin. I have waited for a direct answer or at least a sign/clue as to what the problem is, but have not yet gotten an answer. I ask him so that I can immediately stop blaming and getting upset at other races for the over six hundred years (this is in modern history) of oppression and suppression and enslavement that have been meted out on my skin color.  Those who have not been continuously and steadily undermined and…


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Hope - the core essence of our human and planetary survival- and the Difference Theory. By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr (Year 2010)

Often times we are asked what our worldviews, our races, our ideologies, our religious beliefs and/or

affiliations, are. But far less often are we asked what our hopes are; as some may see the idea of hope as religious, personal, irrelevant, non-relative and unimportant to the affairs of our daily lives. And this has almost, if not, become the norm in most of our practices, today. The reason, it seems, is that the orchestrators and power structures in our societies have somehow… Continue

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Telling ordeal of Dr. Ohaka's experience in the hands of Kidnappers. By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr.

Everyday, we strive to emphasize the need for a unanimous and collective push for change in Nigeria. Some adhere and actually do something, while others don't and intentionally remain ignorant and cynical. Well, if this story doesn't reinforce the need for us to grasp that if WE don't start making the change in our own little ways,

Nigeria will turn into a failed country, and one where even the deadliest of criminals would not want to visit; and us, as citizens, may probably not visit… Continue

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The World cries with the People in the Gulf region. But who dies with the People in the Niger Delta region? Oil Spill in the Niger Delta: Where Cometh their Help? By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr.

It has been a little over a month since the oil spill occurred in the United States’ Gulf and words are not enough to express a profound empathy to those who are directly affected by it and have to live with it for a lengthy period of time: the ones who depend daily on the Gulf for their food consumption, income to provide for their families, and for the protection of some of the world’s most unique sea creatures in the area. On no other can you see reflections of the…


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Blame the Individuals Preying on the Poor for the War in Jos: It is an Individualistic War. By: Michael Boby Obodo, Jr.

We have all heard and seen sickening videos/pictures of the almost back-to-back cannibalistic ways in which Nigerians are killing Nigerians, in great numbers. Well, the killings are now over, or have, at least, cooled down a bit; the finger-pointing and ambiguous speculations have commenced: the presumptions that religion, ethnic hegemony, poverty, etc., are what is…


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One Million Youths March to Strengthen the New Wave of Change in Nigeria in 2011. By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr.

Youths for Change

One Million Youths for Change in Nigeria

For immediate release


Contact: Kristin Unruh (Media and…


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Microsoftization of Nigeria: genuine social reform for Nigerians or special interest agenda? By: Michael Bobby Obodo Jr.

Before I commence, I want to quickly say that I thought the artists and members of BLING masterfully coordinated and delivered their recent campaign song. I would also like to point out that a few of the artists, casts, and brains behind the campaign theme song, are people I may call my friends. Omawumi, I have known for many years; Banky West, I have known for a few years now;…


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