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Fall to her knees, fall to the knees of your woman, tell her its true u did all that and u know its wrong, tell her you know you have hurt her time and time again, but you don't mean 1 bit of it. tell her how in your lonely moments you feel this sense of loss and pain to or almost the state of tears.

Just tell her you are sorry, tell her she is your tag of perfection and completeness, don't hold anything back from her this time, remember this might be more then your second chance, plz…


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Come to think of it, they are just four (4), and that chick thinks I would want her and none else? She is just joking, because I know what my guys are handling – no! But check out that lady, can anyone see her and pretend not to? When I am not afraid to talk to her, she is hot! Moreover, I am too.


I will give it a shot. Now you are giving to the thought of another lady without considering the others, – why am I doing…


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