prerequisite questions before marriage

1. Why should, or are we getting married?

2. What are your opinion or view on maintaining a healthy and Godly marriage life?

3. what are to be the building blocks of having a succesful family apart from love?

4. With what attains in the world today, how should a family have and train their children?

5. Would you like your children to be like you and in one sentence why or not?

6. How would you like to train them?

From the questions above it is my view point… Continue

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Nigeria: which way forward?

My own Nigerian state with about 160 million people and still on the rising, the most populous black nation on the African continents, one of the richest black developing nation with abundance of natural, human and capital resources, yet poor. I will surely be ending this piece with several questions one of which is, which way forward? And to drive this piece to a sharper focus, I shall consider it from three different views – a bit of the past, present and the future, though there is not much… Continue

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Boko Haram: Missed Target

It is no more news that Boko Haram had nearly finished half the population of the north and many innocent people, but a question that begs for an answer is why? Well, we can’t possibly deny that Boko Haram is a terror unleashed by the frustrated lots against the Nigerian state and its leaders who, in their opinion, have been flourishing in wealth and ostentation while they stand neglected in yawning poverty. It then becomes obvious that everybody wants a piece of the national cake, having heard… Continue

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Now away from the issue of subsidy and petroleum for awhile, while I call and draw your attention to another most pressing issue, EDUCATION. It is a well known fact that our tertiary institutions are under lock and key, and the question that comes to mind next is why? Yes why so this time again, well from what I could gather, Prof Ukachuwku Awuzie has this to say: we (ASUU) have decided to go on strike because the federal government has failed to implement the agreement reached with it. But…


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Fall to her knees, fall to the knees of your woman, tell her its true u did all that and u know its wrong, tell her you know you have hurt her time and time again, but you don't mean 1 bit of it. tell her how in your lonely moments you feel this sense of loss and pain to or almost the state of tears.

Just tell her you are sorry, tell her she is your tag of perfection and completeness, don't hold anything back from her this time, remember this might be more then your second chance, plz…


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Come to think of it, they are just four (4), and that chick thinks I would want her and none else? She is just joking, because I know what my guys are handling – no! But check out that lady, can anyone see her and pretend not to? When I am not afraid to talk to her, she is hot! Moreover, I am too.


I will give it a shot. Now you are giving to the thought of another lady without considering the others, – why am I doing…


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Good day sir,

                    It is my prayer that Mr. president reads this, sir, I am convinced in my heart that if you read this, things will change, so this is my candid request and opinion on how I felt the face of things can be changed in this great country of ours. It is  a matter of fact that the April general elections is around the corner, and power will change hands again, it is also true that except God builds a house (this country), the laborers, laboreth in…


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I thank you JAMB, for your mercies on me after 4 years of sitting at home and writing again and again, may you live to see me become the MD and CEO of multinational companies, oh my greatest ivy league, you I appreciate the most for choosing me out of many others, and by the special grace of all my lecturers I will not disappoint you. Oh my greatest SSANU and ASUU my prayer is that you get your pay checks on time, because I remember all your longest strikes, and thanks to you I’m almost 30.but… Continue

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The synergy of paralysis and death to this sector of our economy,country and nation. Education has been known to be a liberator of life from the so many uncertainties and challenges of the future, while corruption is a canker worm that burrows through the depth of the fibers of truth, justices and equity and renders it a chick in the midst of eagles with no power to compete when the occasion arises. These two (EDUCATION AND CORRUPTION) are supposed to go their separate ways, but in this country… Continue

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This nation, our nation has suffered too much in the hands of the insensitive leaders that have paraded the stage of ruler ship. The other day someone was asking me, what do think is the

hope of this nation. Well, let’s see it this way, or basically from my own

perspective as a youth of these nation, who has felt and suffered the whips of

this so called leaders. As a youth, even if I have not seen much…


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The issues of life are so many, ranging from health, education social, economic and marriage. As easy as it for some, that’s how hard and difficult it is for others, many have lost hope while few are still

standing but for how long, that is the question. Considering a society like

mine, where the youths are mostly hit by these issues, which in their case

concerns EDUCATION, and hope for a better future. Such is the dream of…


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