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That’s the way it should be, as well doesn’t mean it should be when some are giving some steady rubbish to feed on daily.

Things necessary for our soul and comfort of our flesh, at times impels us do things we are not suppose to do. Every sane human being knows it downgrade God gifted spirit in us, especially those from mischievous activities we do to make it happen moment we need it. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to explain or not, but let me put it this way.


Majority of those whom their poor father left nothing, shot their reputation to pieces in search of money to buy comfort…


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A continent once bigger than man that man later grew bigger than, Africa. My respect, respect to your nature and your people. I often reflect on your mother’s daughter’s radiant beauty, which shines bright in darkness. Though a lot miss your beauty along the line of race, but your strength everything that breath on earth felt till this day.


Look how your people are suffering all over your land, dying through war, and famines. Your children need your help, Africa. The other…


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Receive a new life

Do you still need that old coat on you or want to get ride of it? You will like to get ride of it, these are what you should do to get ride of it.


Drop all selfish ambitions; be true in all your dealings with human and nature. Be kind and considerate with one and another; be calm at face of all crises. Don’t be lousy in speech, don’t say or reply word with anger or loudly. Don’t backbite and don’t participate where people are back biting others, don’t encourage fighting or…


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My Lagos home was robbed last night.

This incident took place between 8pm to 8.30pm last night, Four men with Ak47 assault rifles descended on me when i went to open gate for my family member. We were pushed inside sitting room where they order me, my kids and other family members at home to lay face down on the floor, couple of seconds later we were ordered inside my bedroom where they lay us down demanding my passport my ticket and money. I told them i don't have money and they said they will shot me if i don't give them all…


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