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Powers and Functions of the CBN and the NDIC in the Nigerian Banking System

An unregulated banking system is undesirable and prepared for failure. This is clear from history all over the world, and particularly that of Nigeria. One of the perceived reasons for the failure of most of the over 170 banks established between 1929 and 1952 in Nigeria was the absence of a defined banking ordinance to state a ‘code of conduct’ for the banking system.

Therefore, starting with the Banking Ordinance of 1952, which had its roots in the recommendations of the…


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Mercy Chinwo: Biography, Career, Awards, Songs

Mercy Nnenda Chinwo is an award-winning Nigerian gospel singer, with a thrilling voice. Her singles are widely known, particularly Excess love and Chinedum. Chinwo was born in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She got involved in music at an early age in her church choir, won Nigerian Idol Season 2 in 2012, and released her first single in 2015, titled ‘Testimony’.


This admirable music artist and actress, Mercy Chinwo, was born on the 5th of September…


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Afterlife: The View of Life after Death in Islam and Christianity

The belief in the afterlife, or life after death, is a common factor in many religions of the world. Two of the major religions in Nigeria, Islam and Christianity, share this view too. In this article, we shall consider how it is described in both religions.

To start with, the most authoritative book in the Islamic faith is the Quaran. Jannah, or paradise, where those who do good will go after judgement is described as “gardens of pleasure”, in the…


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Some Websites to Read the Bible Online

Ever wanted to read the Bible online? Here are some places to look at. 

1. Biblestudytools: Biblestudytools is from Salem Web Network. They claim the position of the largest free online Bible website for verse search and indepth study. With Biblestudytools, you can search verses from the over 29 translations and versions offered. Their library include commentaries, Bible…


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3 Constitutional Means of Becoming a Nigerian Citizen

Below are the means by which one may become a citizen of Nigeria under the 1999 constitution.

Citizenship by Birth

The first means to become a Nigerian citizen, as itemised under the Nigerian Constitution, is by birth. This is seen under section 25.

A person is a citizen of Nigeria by birth if he is born in Nigeria before, or after, the date of independence, having either of his parent or grandparent belonging to an indigenous Nigerian community.…


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