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Foreign workers in Nigeria earn £160,000-plus but work a 48-hour week

Africa is home to the world's highest number of expats making more than $250,000 (£160,000) annually, according to a global survey.

But foreign workers there work hard for their money – four out of 10 countries with the world's longest working hours are in Africa.

Nigeria has the highest number of high-earning expats. A total of 12 per cent of households earn more than $250,000 per year, making it the top location for earnings, according to InterNations, a network for people…


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Sugar a precious drug, known for its “tremendous addictive potential,”

This article is dedicated to all of the kids out there who think the orange juice they drink at breakfast, the cookies they eat after lunch, the candy they trade at school and the Gatorade they chug after practiceare no big deal. In other words, all kids across America. And also to their parents who believe the same thing: that daily intake of sugar is harmless and just a function of childhood.

This is also for my children, who know from my endless preaching that sugar is not good… Continue

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