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A proto-type of Mercedes vito Obama was Taken in by British Government       

When Barack Obama touched down in Germany,his first stop of his  European tour,he was basically treated like Hitler in Berlin in the 30s when all the Germans loyalist would left behind even their…


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Godfrey Osazele Omonzokpia

The United state of America dominates the world economically, technologically, culturally and militarily. George W Bush, a neo-con, during his tenure as American president would termed the westerners as civilized people and the Arabs as primitive in spite of the oil…


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"Supper-Eagle's woe in Angola"

Humiliation,humiliation,humiliation, was the aftermatch sounds and feelings felt by the Nigerians when the dull supper-Eagle team lost to Ghana yesterday. "It ain't cool" watching some of these over-weight Nigerians players on the pitch. They just don't look like pro footballers to me. A true baller must not exceed 67kg and must be phisically fit,but almost all the present Nigerian players are not fit for a pro game. Their legs k-bended instead of that curved legs you see in drogba and other… Continue

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The ill-presido!

Where is the nation going from here? The godamned president's seat vacant for the next dude,but the dying northern hope won't let his stool occupied by the first African cow-boy who is walking around with a large hat as though he's some kind of red-Idian chief--shame to him and the nation who has not been critical of his Idianmaniac Costume.I mean what's wrong with a smart suit for a Subordinate like him?

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