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A case of Overblown ego and intolerance: The Newzealand face of terror and the role of the media


The dastardly act committed by a white terrorist known as Brenson Harrison Tarant packaged and described as an ‘angelic boy’, ‘an evil-far right’, ‘the backpacker killer’, ‘a good boy’, ‘a psychopath’, ‘a Maniac’ etc by the various media giants like daily mirror, daily mail, daily express, the sun and others shows how these so called media giants fuel hate among the people and how they try to seek sympathy for crimes committed by some Whites that harbour…


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This wasn’t their dream

Those who built this foundation,

Dreamt of a greater nation.

Those whose soul drifted with the war,…


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JEUN KO KU (The glutton)

Never tired of wraps of fufu,

No wonder the neighbours call him ‘Mufu’

He is an uninvited guest at parties,

A gate crasher with so many fantasies-

For sweet smelling delicacies.

Hand him steaming bowl of Semo

He is in for a show.

Ask him if he’d prefer palmy or burukutu,

He’d prefer mixture of both.

Jeun Koku; A gifted eater, a greed breeder.

He cares not if people were watching,

Who is he to deter the dog of his bone?

At… Continue

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How many of our leaders have pledged their loyalty to their father land? So many of them after taking the oath of allegiance to their father land have suddenly taken up a display of hatred and oppression towards the people that voted them into power. "I pledge to Nigeria My Country...", those are the words of allegiance to the nation, instead the nation was the one pledging her loyalty to our bugs-belly politicians, who have turned the nation's coffers into a bank account of their own. The best… Continue

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When the day is gone,

I look back at all my works undone.

A friend I promised a visit,and-

my loved one I promised a day out.

These promises i never fulfiled,

it was not my fault cause the day seems so short.

When the day is gone,

I stare through the office window-

just to catch a glimpse of the sun sailing home.

The once busy street deserted,

market women bidiing one another a restful night.

The street touts running after men in… Continue

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An utterance from within(A Poem)

So many have been stolen-

And our faces are swollen-

From tears and the furnace of hopelessness

Which our people have subjected their fatherland.

When the breeze blew,

We seem not to have enough of it.

When the farm harvest grew-

We seem not to have enough to eat.

So many things are wrong-

In this land, we seem not to belong!

Today it is “operation eradicate poverty”

No fresh air of freedom-

But the touch of Spasm

That… Continue

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Islam cries!(A poem)

The prophet is gone

To his lord with the message done.

The battles he fought;

A message that God is one.

Islam is peace! Islam is not wrought!

Islam cries!

Truants and the fanatical psychos-

Have hijacked the turban

And the peaceful rites that belongs to the faithful.

In the mountains they smoke weeds,

And at the call of the Adhan,

They kneel in prayer to Allah-

Whom they have waged war at

Out of scorn and cruel… Continue

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A love you never returned

It hurts deep down

Loving but not being loved.

I glanced at the empty crown

Which I kept solely for you

To keep this love new-

And fresh like the morning dew.

I am addicted to my cell phone

Just to reach for your love

Which you never returned-

As I hear my voice come back to me

Like a rejected echo with no response.

I stayed cuddled in hallucination

Dreaming about a day out-

Which you never embraced.

But… Continue

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The Pains of a father.(a poem)

There in tattered clothes he sat,

Lost in the confines of a deep thought,

To himself he muttered; “this must be the devil’s wrath.”

Life had brought him nothing but oats of pain;

Penniless as he was, this made him insane.

He had amassed all the degrees,

But to success he seems not to have paid his fees.

Darkness had spread across his destiny,

All his fat dreams had been made tiny.

Trickles of tears dropped down his wrinkled face

As… Continue

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I believe now Nigerians will sit and think of a way to paddling the canoe of this great nation towards the desired dreams of her founding fathers, which is based on human emancipation and respect for one another. \

The AbdulMuttalab's case have finally drawn Nigerians to world attention, not of a break through in researches or academic prowess, but for possibly being a country to watch out on the list of countries of art of terrorism. The question persist, who truly is a terrorist? I would… Continue

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