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What is Parathyroidectomy?

Parathyroidectomy is a surgery related to the parathyroid gland. Parathyroidectomy surgery is performed to remove parathyroid glands or parathyroid tumors. There are four parathyroid glands in human throat. Parathyroid glands act to control the amount of calcium in the blood. If one or more parathyroid glands become more active, then the amount of calcium in the blood increases enormously. Due to which, pain starts in the bones. In this surgery, the enlarged…


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How Do I Get My Hotmail Account Unblocked?

Microsoft may block your Hotmail account due to numerous reasons. In most of the cases, the reason behind a Blocked Hotmail is that your account has been compromised and someone is using your Hotmail account to send a lot of junk emails. However, there can be other reasons as well that might have lead to Blocked account. If your Hotmail account has been suspended…


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