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APC accuses Gov. Wike of Reveling in Vainglory as Measles Outbreak Ravages Abua-Odual

.....As it kills Scores of Children in the Communities


The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the continued neglect of serious measles outbreak ravaging some communities in Abua-Odual Local Government Area.


The seriously affected communities according to a…


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Haskell - why you should learn it and why you should not

Haskell is a functional programming language, and it is structured very differently from the popular JavaScript, PHP, Python, or Java - they are imperative or mixed development languages. 

Many Haskell enthusiasts believe that developers should at least try to learn pure functional programming to understand the principles and the difference between functional and imperative development.

Now, let's find out the advantages and…


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Top Afrobeat Singers in Nigeria

Talent and self-control are more valuable than fame. Afrobeat maestros are more than just gifted musicians who have topped world music charts.

Through their clothing, they have been able to draw the attention of the world from a different dimension.

Their wealth has also assisted them in reaching the pinnacle of the fashion industry. In this article, we will discuss the top four Afrobeat stars whose fashion sense has frequently dominated the fashion forum.



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How 3D Product Customization Will Change The Face of E-commerce?

According to Yieldify, 75% of customers prefer to buy from a brand that offers a personalized buying experience. This can be arguably the best advantage for your print store.

A 3D product customizer offers customers a way to view products at a 360-degree angle. They can also customize a product's attributes such as color, font, style, and size by themselves. Moreover, customers can change the characteristics freely until the product matches their…


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Rivers APC to Gov. Wike: Do not exacerbate your fate as power, immunity departs from you

The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC), said much like other well-meaning people and Nigerians, received without surprise the usual hollow and rambling state broadcast by Gov. Nyesom Wike yesterday, the main opposition party in the state is not also “surprised because it is a notorious fact already known to many politicians and observers…


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How can I fix Roadrunner Email Problems?

There are the steps that you can follow to fix the roadrunner email problem kholenGo to the official RoadRunner homepage at

Then you have to click “Settings.” Scroll down to the “Customize Mailbox Options”…


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Design’N’Buy: A Print Service Provider’s Choice For Web-To-Print Software In Singapore

The print sector has also made great strides, especially with web-to-print software, as it helps customer engagement move fast online and represents an enormous change for traditional printing businesses.

Why choose Design’N’Buy

If you are convinced about transforming your print business with web-to-print, you have to give us a chance. We offer all the features discussed in the above section and more!…


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Mintyn Online Bank Marketplace: Buy Affordable Groceries Online in Nigeria

Introducing Mintyn Online Bank Marketplace: Buy Affordable Groceries Online in Nigeria

Mintyn Bank is an Online Bank that is developed to serve the retail and corporate space. The Bank has kept its promise since its inception in 2020.

Mintyn Online Bank ensures that its customers enjoy quality service and the best experience from its wide range of products, features, and offerings in the financial space.…


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How to get the most out of your day hotel

A day hotel is not nearly as well known in the UK as it is abroad. If you've spent time abroad before, chances are you're already familiar with the term. Are you not? Then we'll explain it to you in detail in this blog, so read on! A day hotel is a room that you book in a hotel, without an overnight stay. This way, you can stay in the hotel room all day and make use of all facilities, but you just spend the night at home. It is a good solution for the many vacancies that hotels have to…


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The true quest of Leadership is service. Where service is topmost in priority, the leader exhibits selflessness thereby promoting values, creating positive impacts and the much needed environment…


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Tinubu the Best for Nigeria 2023 Presidential Seat - HON. LEKE ABEJIDE

Former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's bid to become Nigeria's next president has received a major boost after one of the North Central's most powerful lawmakers, Elder Abejide Leke, declared support for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate and standard flag bearer ahead of the 2023 elections.

Elder Leke, a member of the House of Representatives representing the good people of Yabga Federal Constituency in Kogi State, announced his decision to the…


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The best honeymoon places in india must visit

1- Nainital- famous from the British times as one of the best hill station in India . It is very popular with newly weds as a perfect honeymoon destination Places to visit here are Naini Peak, Naini lake , St John in wilderness, Snow view etc as they provide ample opportunity for the couples to enjoy each other’s company in the peace and quite .


2 - Manali – another hill station in Uttarakhand  is meant for honeymooning couples .as its not only…


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Finally Abe Blinks, Amaechi Wins

In 2007, while seeking to legally recover his stolen mandate, the cabal in the PDP expelled Amaechi from the party using the non-existing candidature of his cousin, Celestine Omehia. Amaechi won the legal battle, became governor, and eventually won again as his membership of the party was restored through the courts. 


Fast forward to 2014,…


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Factors to Consider Before Getting an Assignment Expert

In this world of instants, time becomes negligible, especially for the students. From class to work activities, the students remain busy. You may want to do too many things in a short time. However, you couldn't. That's when you search for experts to help you with your assignments. The paraphrasing tool can be a blessing in disguise. Simultaneously, some services can be a sheer waste of…


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Common Errors in solving accounting: Accounting Assignment Help

Assignment Accounting is regarded as a vital aspect of the business. Accounting is a vast field of study. It includes different branches like financial accounting, tax accounting, management accounting, auditing, project management, etc. Students studying accounting receive many assignments on various topics of the accounting discipline. Because it is a complex subject, assignments contain many complicated…


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What are the main causal Factors That Assignment Help?

Students usually seek online assignment assistance due to the following reasons:

  • Time
  • Expert advice
  • Proofreading
  • Extra marks
  • The best content

Students believe that they can dedicate their time to more important things, like taking exams or other university assignments. Additionally, experts can…


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The Relationship Between Class Size And Secondary School Student's Academic Performance In Geography

The relationship between class size and academic performance of secondary school students in geography has been a perplexing one for educators. Studies have found that the physical environment, class overcrowding, teachers' methods, grade level, pupil characteristics and subject areas and other learning interventions are the variables that affect students’ achievement (Molnar, et al., 2000). Other factors that affect student achievement are school population and class size (Gentry, 2000…


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A Survey Of Causes And Management Of Teacher’s Behaviour Problems Among Headteachers

Cases of violence and behavioural problems in primary schools in Nigeria have attracted much concern from the government, institutional functionaries and academic fellows in recent years. Despite the implementation of the many suggested solutions given by researchers, these problems are still on the increase in our primary schools.

This study is an attempt to find out some of these behavioural problems and their causes. It has been suggested by parents and educational administrators…


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Emotional Intelligence And Locus Of Control As Predictors Of Teachers’ Instructional Leadership

  Recently, the reports of poor academic achievement of students especially in secondary schools have raised more attention and greater concerns among stakeholders in Nigerian education. Academic achievement or academic performance is the outcome of education, that is the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their educational goals (Ward, Stoker, & Murray-Ward, 2000). Academic achievement is commonly measured by continuous assessment or examination but…


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Consequences Of Deforestation On Rural Household Income


Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stands of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use. Examples of deforestation include the conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use. Deforestation occurs for many reasons: trees are cut down to be used or sold as fuel (sometimes in the form of charcoal) or timber, while cleared land is used as pasture for livestock, plantations of commodities and settlements. The removal of…


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