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The Joy of Birth or the Specter of Death?

Sourced from…

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unsafe abortion in Nigeria

Dear friends,

In an effort to examine the issue of unsafe abortions in Nigeria, Deltawomen is conducting a survey and would appreciate your participation..

Your personal information is not required and we estimate that it will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Simply click on the link below, or cut and paste the entire URL into your browser to access the survey:…


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"You become what you think about."

An opportunity 50 YEARS in the making. 50 of the GREATEST MINDS of our time.

Your ONE CHANCE to own it.

"I guarantee you'll accomplish things you never thought possible ..."

- Vic Conant

Dear Friend,

Think of the last few goals you achieved.

They each took great time and effort, right? Of course, that's what we've all come to expect.

But there IS an easier way. A short cut, if you will. Simply by mastering the vital disciplines that are the…


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Part time Internet Jobs for Everyone. Earn money online by data entry jobs


I just came across this wonderful website, paying for

form filling work without any Joining Fees or Investment. They pay 30 cent to

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One can easily…


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Iran Regime Change, Invasion, Occupation & Re-colonization Is Imminent


Iran Regime Change, Invasion, Occupation & Re-colonization Is Imminent

Written by Paul I. Adujie



War drums are beating louder and louder in America against Iran. The din and decibel are rising and getting louder.


Preparatory steps are being taken irreversibly as the onset of invasion and occupation of Iran is becoming more and more apparent and its imminence glaringly clear. It is rather unmistakable.




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Are you a business owner and do not have the means of advertising your goods and services to the larger community? Here is the much awaited opportunity you have been craving for. is a Nigerian Free advertising platform designed to offer you such services. We believe that more products offered in Nigeria should be online so as to enable users to cross-shop from different vendors and sellers more efficiently.

No more headaches. No more hassles. No more endless…


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Nigerian Civil War Should Be Debated, Discussed & Taught

Nigerian Civil War Should Be Debated, Discussed & Taught
Written by Paul I. Adujie
So much have been said, written and documented about the Nigerian catastrophe also known as the Nigerian Civil War which took place between 1966 and 1970. And so much more needs to be documented.
All Nigerians and Nigeria were and are still victims of the Nigerian Civil War.
Nigerians and Nigeria suffered…

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That EFCC vs Joe Musa and others Court Saga: Questions Need Asking

It has long been certain that “the wheels of justice grind slowly”, (in Nigeria and other less refined societies, usually oiled by Corruption) yet, contrary to the old adage, they don’t necessarily “grind exceedingly fine.”  In all cases, it is the victims that suffer the consequences.


In many cases, hearings are listed intermittently, weeks, if not months, apart. They are interrupted in the middle of cross-examinations, for instance, which have to be resumed after a long…


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Re: BUDGET 2012, V.P.( Namadi Sambo ) TO SPEND 3 BILLION NAIRA !

The federal government planned to spend N3bn( three billion naira ) on it's VP alone, this budget includes among other things like; office equipments , vehicles maintenance, foodstuff, medics and other sundry requirements.  For example N477 million, for food,that is N1.31 million every day ! translating this into three square meals par day you will get, N 436,700.00k par meal.DRUGS, N314 million,that is N860,300.00, every day!, NEWS PAPERS, N45 million, that is, N123,287.00k every day( this…


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How to generate FREE cash online with Liberty Reserve Account. And Earn over $12,000 in a month! INCREDIBLE but Real !!!


Reading this, you can change…


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The Secret Of Happy Marriage

“Open your eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law” (psalm 119:18).


A Wedding is a joyous occasion and God intended that marriage should be happy. But we do not need to look far to find many marriages do not have a happy ending. Why are our lives filled with quarrelling, fighting, selfishness and unhappiness? Why do so many marriages end in divorce? Why are so many marriages a failure?


Marriage was first given by God and it is the…


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I don't profess to know why women think the way they do but I do have an insight into how they respond. I'm not the most attractive guy out there but I have dated some beautiful women I know they did not like me for money cause I have none. I do on the other hand know how to hit a womens emotions causing her to feel attraction. There are many ways to do this but one of the most common ways is to somewhat ignore them and be mysteries. Women respond to guys differently because as most try to…


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Unfair treatment of Africans on United and Delta Airlines

United and Delta Airlines unfair treatment of African customers


In the past few years, United and Delta Airlines have begun flying direct routes from several  US cities to African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. These routes are extremely profitable for United and Delta as an economy class ticket during high season can easily cost more than $2,000. For consumers, it is much more convenient to take a direct flight on United or Delta then to have a 4-12 hour layover in…


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How You Can Transfer Money from Your ATM Card

Following the introduction of a Cashless Economy By The Central B…


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Use The Product....Tell The Story!

In May of 2004 I signed up with my new network marketing company after being absent from the industry for a number of years. I had been busy running a traditional business for twenty three years with great success, but no free time, lots of stress and not in the best of health. I thought it might be time for a change.

Month's prior to getting started in my new business venture, my mother had made reference to seeing me in some type of business wher I was distributing a product that I…


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Message for Mr. President

Mr. President these are

for you: (1) Why is it

that this oil subsidy

issue has taken over

the day to day running

of government? (2) Are

you sure this is not a

tactics by your enemies

to distract your

administration? (3) How

do you think a country

where about 70% of her

population cannot

afford N200

per day will adapt when

subsidy is removed? (4)

Is it a crime to repair

the existing refineries

to full… Continue

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The Problems and Challenges of Insecurity in Nigeria

Paper Presented to ACN UK General Meeting, 10th September 2011-09-02 London, UK .


Ladies and gentlemen, it is perhaps imperative in this presentation to come to certain terms with what we are going to talk about. This is because when we say security, are we talking about food insecurity, financial insecurity, personal security, national security, etc?


Anyway, I am sure, for this purpose of this political…


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they should think of solving the present situation in the country, instead of busy thinking on how to make there political money on a trickish saying of removing oil subsidy. wawo politician. God wil…

they should think of solving the present situation in the country, instead of busy thinking on how to make there political money on a trickish saying of removing oil subsidy. wawo politician. God will definitely judge all of you one by one on the pain you always inflicted on us.


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The British High Commission Recruitment, Abuja

The British High Commission Abuja has the following part-time
or full-time vacancy:…

Added by binutiri samson on December 15, 2011 at 9:23pm — 2 Comments

bad rubbish

I wonder who is gudluck jonathan presiding, himself or his immediate family, if jonathan govern d masses, then he shld listen to the masses decision, nt d cabal grandiloquent ideas pushing for subsidy removal.

Added by john doko on December 15, 2011 at 7:30am — No Comments

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