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What is this saying" Set up signs and mark the road , find again the way by which your Ancient Ancestors left. Come back, people of the Israel , come home to the domains your Distance Ancestral Ancestors left. How long will you hesitate , faithless people? I have created something new and different , as different as a complex building heart center temple house body of knowledge in one body order compliant host body of manhood hosting a glorious spiritual being to protecting humanity. Indeed,… Continue

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A Better Year 2010!

Life is a learning process for all no matter the age. My tutor always says that we keep learning till we die. We all have had different experiences years back, and most recently this year - 2009. Let's not allow all these waste. My experiences in life has taught me that the most little things we come accross usually have the greatest capacity when viewed in terms of results, and we tend to overlook them. To develop and better ourselves we must make positive use of what we learn and experience… Continue

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The Political Impact of Bayelsa ‘s 2010 Budget

Politics and leadership should be Siamese twins. While politics is about power relationships in particular fields, leadership reminds us of the guidiance from one man of influence in a group situation that helps the group to achieve desired ends. You need extraordinary leadership to succeed in the slippery Nigerian political terrain. No need to elaborate here. Ronald Reagan said that politics was much like the oldest profession in one hand and like show business on the other hand. “You have one… Continue

Added by Nwokedi Nworisara on December 31, 2009 at 6:09am — 1 Comment Networking For Good Governance Networking For Good Governance

N4GG, is a brainchild of Hon. Sunny Onuesoke (former Governorship aspirant under The People's Democratic Party, 2007), aimed at commending and improving the current governmental administration of Delta State, by seeking opinions from the masses, and relating them to the current administrative sys tem.

We believe strongly in the betterment of Delta state,

We believe in the Uduaghan… Continue

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The Rule of law and the the two Nigerias

The Nigerian dilemma stems from constitutional confusion. There can never be a rule of law without a constitution that respects the laws of Nigeria, internationally recognized laws of Nigeria. Nigerian history is replete with so many constitutional changes to the extent that no one seems to keep track with how the true constitution looked like. But without such a direction how can a nation be built? This treatise will trace the catastrophic political discoloring of the true Nigerian… Continue

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(Leadership, Commitment, Dedication, Accountability, Excellence & Service)

Registered in England & Wales No. 06525454

"To celebrate genuine progress, excellence, commitment, selfless and unalloyed service to Nigeria and her people"

P O Box 45566, London NW1 9WQ, UNITED KINGDOM

Website: Phone: 07939 804 121


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A Happy New Year To Nigerians? Not For Me It Is!

I just chatted with a friend, Gani on Facebook this morning (the morning after Boxing Day) and the first thing I told him is that I am a sick, frustrated, despondent and discouraged Nigerian. Gani shared my views and all I listed above but, true Nigerian as he is, he counselled me not to even think of ever giving up. He himself was all wrought up because as a devout Moslem, he was sad about the Nigerian bomber incident.

The year 2009 is about to come to a permanent close, never to be… Continue

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Nothing seem to ever work in Nigeria. Every one seem to know the problem we have but no one wants to take the bulll by the horn. A little discipline of every meaningful Nigerian is enough to change this country. I once travelled out but you will not believe that I live almost all my life in that country to portray a good image of Nigeria, but come home and see what others see.

No one will want to show a good image of Nigeria, people live their lives the way they want, there is no… Continue

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The Chile Story: A lesson for African Leaders

The Chile Story; a Lesson for African Leaders

Some years back, I fell in love with a British TV program where (as usual) some rich, old money, family were bumbling through their daily lives trying to figure out what to do to remain relevant in society. What I found interesting was the fact that while the master and mistresses of the house had their servants and chambermaids, the butler (one of the servant staff) had his own servants too. In effect, you have the master; the servants,… Continue

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Children of a Lesser God...

There is a generally held belief that most players endure a bad second season following a great season. While a few of them overcome this syndrome, ominously names “second season-ities” (I have no idea who came up with that name), in subsequent seasons, others have had their great performances filed under the “one season wonder” title in the great museum of football under-achievers.

Prior to the world cup draw, there was talk of an African team winning the world cup in South Africa,… Continue

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Message for Nigeria

Every sector in Nigeria presently seem not to be yielding profitably as expected by Nigerians as well as other countries of the world that also believe that Nigeria is endowed with so much resources – both human and natural, which can turn the country into one of the greatest countries in the world if the country’s resources are efficiently managed by its leaders.

The problem in Nigeria is so serious that so many have given up on this country. The situation in Nigeria has become utterly… Continue

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Anambra Youth Reform [AYR] in Netherlands.

Anambra Youth Reform [AYR] in Netherlands, is non- political organization, is a group of Anambra State citizens living in Netherlands, who have so much interest in the issue at home, is a progressives youths group, we know one day, we will come back home, to help and develop the State.

The group, has been in the leading front in Netherlands, to let the European Union and international community know that Nigeria and Anambra State need true democracy.

Our position in Anambra issue.… Continue

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Understanding the Spirit and Importance of Christmas

Christmas as a period when we Christians commemorate the coming of Jesus Christ is meant to be a very important Spiritual exercise. The 25th of December is set aside to celebrate His birth.These days, the social celebrations overshadow the actual significance. If I call a child today and ask what he or she understands about christmas, I am 80% certain that the response I will get would not be far from: "Christmas is the time when we visit our loved ones, visit the parks, eat and have fun". All… Continue

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About Me

Hello there, girls! I'm Mike Bryant from Indianapolis, Indiana . I'm already 25 years old and working as Wedding Photographer here in Texas. My co-worker was the one who encourage me to join this social networking site and also some mississippi chat line. Anyway, just want find some new friend with same interest as mine. I easily go along with people who loves to take pictures like me. Of course, as a photographer, I… Continue

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JEREMIAH 31:36-37

Who then would have believe our report? Have you noticed how people are saying that their chiukwu, the great chi in igbo cosmology have rejected the land of uprising risen sun - east - Abia in west coast Atlantic ocean Bight of Biafra , the two backward race domain kind of families from the Igbos of Africa that were chosen? And so they look with contempt on the self sovereignty right struggle belief of the people and (NO LONGER CONSIDER THEM A NATION ) in good sense of EZEKIEL 17:11-14 judgment… Continue

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Can Any Election Hold In Nigeria?

I get exited somewhat with all the euphoria about Anambra State Elections coming up is such a dilemma of arrangements for this election when Nigeria seems sunk into a political constitutional quagmire in the cent re.What kind of election can we have? What kind of voting awaits Nigerians is soon to be seen.For some of us that are burdened by higher education in an environment where mediocrity is celebrated,the prospect of any election is bleak. There again it depends on how you define… Continue

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Yet, because the messenger was wise , he kept on teaching the people what he know . He studied and honestly tested other brilliant stars contributions . Indeed, the messenger , tried to find comforting words , with spells that are honest in passing across the warning before time.

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The World is Watching Nigeria.

2010 Election in Anambra State is gateway for democracy in Nigeria, this election will show if the country is ready for democracy, let the Anambra Youths fight for their right, you are the future and light of the state, do not give up the fight.

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Exclusive Interview With Ms Shirley Frimpong Manso of Sparrow Productions-Ghana

Shirley Frimpong Manso is the embodiment of an individual who satisfies the adage “What a man can do, a woman can do even better”. Shirley is a multi-talented writer/producer/director who has single handedly written, produced and directed excellent Ghanaian movies like “Scorned”, “Life and Living It”, Perfect Picture” and most recently “ A Sting In A Tale”.

She is also the CEO of Sparrow Productions and her company produced two semi finalists (unprecedented) at the Miss World beauty… Continue

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Mr Raji Babatunde Fashola,Pls never mind the way i address you,other than to let you know that The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, it is when you don't understand yourself and If you lose the support of those around you, it is a setback. If you lose your own support and confidence, it is a tragedy.

Believe in yourself, in your vision for the people of lagos state, and in your ability to take a small step each day toward achieving your vision for the poor… Continue

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