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Governance is a people to people movement. It is a vibrant interaction between people, between structures, processes that support the exercise of legitimate authority in provision of sound leadership, direction, oversight, and control of an entity in order to ensure that its intention and purpose is achieved, and that there is proper accounting for the conduct of its affairs, the use of its resources, and the results of its actions.

Bad governance results to huge loss in…


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Community is a group living together in an area with common values and social cohesions. Merriam Webster defines community as a group of people with common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society. Niger Delta, Bayelsa, and Rivers State comprises of community living within a larger society in…


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Of Nigerian Democracy, Governance And Profligacy

I have spent a total of nine months in Nigeria since my relocation experiment started and everyday I wake up to see what those ruling us have done and are still doing to Nigeria, I become despondent, desperate…


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I read in today's edition of "This day" that EFCC is in claiming to be having some difficulties with charging the "SIEMENS" suspects, especially the fat cows among them to court. This I have to say to this new "cold feet" attitude of EFCC: Well! Well! Well! EFCC so far every right thinking and well meaning Nigerian has given you their unflinching support. But now, these Nigerians are beginning to get weary and also beginning to have cause to doubt EFCC's sincerity…

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The entire citizenry must be prepared to take our destinies in own hands by being politically efficacious.the people at the grass roots should,in particular be alive to their civic responsibilities.they should participate actively in the political process by voting in all elections,reject corrupt,selfish,unrsponsive office holder who are seeking re-election in preference for reponsive,selfless and accountable candidates.civil society organizations…


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The issues of life are so many, ranging from health, education social, economic and marriage. As easy as it for some, that’s how hard and difficult it is for others, many have lost hope while few are still

standing but for how long, that is the question. Considering a society like

mine, where the youths are mostly hit by these issues, which in their case

concerns EDUCATION, and hope for a better future. Such is the dream of…


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For the few amidst us

I read recently that all former Head of states in Nigeria are to receives salary for life,even though their emolument alnd other benefits are ongoing this is sad considering the numbers of unemployed graduate and other teeming populace that are not feed well as citizen, time will tell...............

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Groups Against Former Military Leader as President of Nigeria, acronym( GAFMLP, Nigeria)

Come join us sanitize Nigeria. Help stamp out power rats, haters of democracy in Nigeria. Same people that scuttled democracy in Nigeria for decades wants to reap were they did not sow. Join now to free Nigeria from them 'militrocracy'. Save democracy in Nigeria. Don't vote any former military leader! Join now! Groups Against Former Military Leader as President of Nigeria, acronym( GAFMLP, Nigeria)

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When will we have a leader?

When will we have a leader?

After 50 years of independent thinking and sovereignty of the nation Nigeria, she still can’t pride herself on having had a leader of repute that could distinctively layout a blueprint on where she should steer, ply the way and have others follow same path. That is what we have been expecting for almost half a century and as we prepare to mark our 50 years of nationhood, let us celebrate and hope that we get a leader that will first…


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Political Promise.


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How much does a vote cost?

How much does a vote cost?

To a person of value it may cost him or her character, what about Amos Adamu? Theman who allegedly offered to sell his World Cup bid vote and was provisionally suspended a fortnight ago by Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). A vote may cost the executive board member $800,000.00 to be paid twice. That is the way life goes, as a man who…


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MTN Scholarship Award 2010/2011 - List of Shortlisted Candidates for Aptitude Test

Following the MTN Foundation's call for applications for the 2010/2011

MTNF Science & Technology Scholarship awards, the under-listed

applicants have been shortlisted for the aptitude test due to take place

as follows:

Date: Saturday, 6th November, 2010

Time: 7.00 a.m. prompt


Northern Centre

Department of Water Resources & Environmental

Faculty of… Continue

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Why our use of non-renewable resource cannot go on forever because most of our energy comes from non-renewable resource .closing one by one all the non-renewable energy resources have positive and negative affects to the nature. The world needs all the energy we can develop, in every potential form. While finding new ways to maximize the use of traditional resources such as oil and natural gas, we also depend on technology to produce emerging sources of energy. A non-renewable resource is a… Continue

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How can credit card consolidation help you achieve a life without debt?

Imagining a life without credit card debt is always like a dream for most Americans. While the US national debt level is soaring high, more and more people are becoming aware of the ways they can consolidate their debts. While there are many ways that can help you drag yourself out of debt, debt consolidation is perhaps the best and the most convenient among them. There are many ways of consolidating your credit card debts and gaining a… Continue

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Healthy Eating


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Growing Up To It The Hard Way

A trader who newly bought a vehicle came to the city market where he had his shop the next day with the vehicle for the first time after he bought it. He parked the vehicle in the parking lot. He went into the market and headed straight to his shop from the

direction of the parking lot. This was not his usual direction to the

market previous to the arrival of the vehicle. He did his business that

day. It was a particularly good-for-business but hectic…


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Can We Kiss During Dating?

The other day there was an interesting post by a friend on Facebook about the different meaning of the different types of kisses. The title is what each kisses mean.

A kiss on the forehead means we are cute together. A kiss on the cheek means we are friends. A kiss on the hand means I adore you. A

kiss on the neck means I want you now. A kiss on the shoulder means you

are perfect. A kiss on the lips means I love you.

These descriptions of kissing…


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Sex Is Not A Test To Find A Good Spouse

In this day and age, there several misconceptions about the marriage institution. One of such fallacies is the use of sexual intimacy as a way to find a

suitable spouse. A number of mundane

conclusions on how sexual intimacy serve to confirm if one would be a good

spouse include:…


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