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What Is This Dating And Courtship All About?

Dating in the relationship parlance is a meeting of two people of the opposite sex for the purpose of knowing if they can strike deeper relationships such as courtship and marriage. The aim of the dating relationship is to find

a possible courtship partner.

The concept of…


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Why We Need To Establish Foundation For Joyful Relationships

We all look forward to relationship with the opposite sex with much excitement. And we ought to, because our lives, progress, joys and blessings depend to a large extent on how we manage our relationship with the woman and the man we elect to live our lives with.

At the back of our minds is the question of how to do it right. This is because relationship with the opposite sex has been the major source of anxieties, sorrows, pain and anguish. Many people are hungry and thirsty for what is… Continue

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beware of chines gift

tell me why chiness will be giving gift to nigeria ,the people they hate please make call or those of you who travel to china and see what they are doing to nigerians living there .they came to lagas and donate 10 motorcycle for security, is not becouse they know how they are matreting nigerians living there ,i wonder why our gorvment will fold there arms and watching them so call ambassadors are here doing noting . beware of chiness

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Bailouts & Rescues Worldwide, But How About Africa Etc?

Bailouts & Rescues Worldwide, But How About Africa Etc?

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The basis and essence of any democratic structure is justice,legal and political,fair play and equity.Althought these fundamentals of democracy are open to debate,they still represent the essential features of democratic values.There should be total acceptance of democracy and democratic values as a method of governance and political participation by both the leaders and followeship.There should thus be strict adherence to the rules of the game by…


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It will be unfair and un-sportsmanship for politicians to use the issue of zoning to diminish any region of the country in order to make a point or score cheap political point. Such an attitude and mindset will not foster amity but rather heat up the country’s polity. It is unwise and imprudent to gain politically at the expense of the unity of our great country.Nigerians should stand for fairness without disconcerting.

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MEND - Movement for the Emasculation of the Niger Delta

I would lend my unreserved support to any group genuinely engaged in a principled and focused emancipation struggle for the peoples of the Niger Delta. If I perceived this sincerity and clarity of purpose in groups such as the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), the Niger Delta People Volunteer Force (NDPVF), the Niger Delta Vigilantes (NVD), and the Federated Niger Delta Ijaw Communities (FNDIC), I would have urged them to carry on their onslaught until all oil exploration… Continue

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Myne Whitman speaks at the Garden City Literary Festival

Garden City Festival Reveals Exciting Line-up of Events.

With just a month to go before the third annual Garden City Literary Festival gets underway, the organisers have revealed a line-up of events that promises to offer something exciting for all lovers of books and… Continue

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NNPC Graduate Trainees Programme 2010

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the National Oil Company of Nigeria and a major player in the Nigerian and International Oil and Gas Industry. Its operations span across the complete Oil and Gas Value Chain covering, upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

We are looking to bring on board versatile and ambitious young graduates and experienced professionals driven by excellence and commitment to value creation.…


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Where Birds Fly

They said birds of the same feathers fluck together., if so why cant i find my own bird of the same feather. some one has to know. if you are looking for a bird to fly with. then just come talk with me. where birds fly you too can fly

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My Political Creed

I am not a capitalist; I am not a socialist; I am not a communist. I am an absolute believer in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Regardless of the politico-economic philosophy you subscribe to, if your model of government guarantees the full menu of human rights, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you have my full support. Human rights are not ideals we can only hope to possess in a heavenly utopia. They are not ideals that are optional for governments to…


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Where's Rev. Elijah?

Today, as I flew back and forth through Biblical times, from Moses through Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, etc., to John the Baptist and the apostles, I was re-awakened to the fact that these men, in their day, led the struggle against corruption, misgovernance, and injustice. In contrast, most of our modern, respectable men of God, for whom I have high regard, have never demanded or led their congregation to demand good governance and justice for God's children here on…


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Amos Adamu’s Travails: the Consequences of Greed and Corruption

On Saturday 16 October 2010, Complete Sports magazine did a poll to its readers titled: “Is Dr. Amos Adamu A Curse Or A Blessing To Nigerian Football?” I took my time to trawl through all the comments and feedback left by Nigerians.…


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I thank you JAMB, for your mercies on me after 4 years of sitting at home and writing again and again, may you live to see me become the MD and CEO of multinational companies, oh my greatest ivy league, you I appreciate the most for choosing me out of many others, and by the special grace of all my lecturers I will not disappoint you. Oh my greatest SSANU and ASUU my prayer is that you get your pay checks on time, because I remember all your longest strikes, and thanks to you I’m almost 30.but… Continue

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There is need 4CHANGE.We are calling on all deltans home and abroad,should be ready 4 change,this can be achieved through enlightement,political education & socialization,on d need 4 cultivation & instituionalization of a democratic political culture,exemplified by political tolerance,attitude of interpersonal trust and co-operation,constant dialoque,negotiation & compromise.

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The synergy of paralysis and death to this sector of our economy,country and nation. Education has been known to be a liberator of life from the so many uncertainties and challenges of the future, while corruption is a canker worm that burrows through the depth of the fibers of truth, justices and equity and renders it a chick in the midst of eagles with no power to compete when the occasion arises. These two (EDUCATION AND CORRUPTION) are supposed to go their separate ways, but in this country… Continue

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This nation, our nation has suffered too much in the hands of the insensitive leaders that have paraded the stage of ruler ship. The other day someone was asking me, what do think is the

hope of this nation. Well, let’s see it this way, or basically from my own

perspective as a youth of these nation, who has felt and suffered the whips of

this so called leaders. As a youth, even if I have not seen much…


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Nigeria's Cyber Civil War and its Implication

The raging debate on Nigeria’s corporate sustainability is increasingly attracting more attention from various intelligent communities and analysts from within and outside Nigeria. After all I have always maintained that should the status-quo persist, a spontaneous unrest can’t be ruled out. However, most of our Southern Nigerian compatriots assume and wish that this leads to the country’s breaking up into two; North and South, assuming that their predicament…

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Revisiting The Remunerations of Nigerian Legislators: Time For Action

I am really sorry I have to bring this up again, but my conscience, frustration and disgust will not allow me to rest. I have written several times about this issue, but because the situation is getting worse, I still have to write about it.…


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