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ARIK Airlines SUCK


Just had one more bad Arik air experience, and I have decided that I will never fly Arik again.

The level of arrrogance, incomeptence and mediocrity has risen to an even greater level.

The airline had the tenacity to collect 14K Naira from in excess baggage for my recent lagos to abuja flight, but then took my bags off the plane because of so called safety issues related to the weight of the plane. The excuse was that it was raining as…


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Do Fair Elections Necessarily Guarantee Good Governence?

Fair elections are said to be the bedrock of good governance that guarantees peace, stability and prosperity. However there is much to wonder why many a times popularly elected governments through generally fair elections fail to make any difference in the lives of their citizens anyway? This is what I intend to address with a view to identifying the missing link between such popular and fair elections and commensurate development in many countries and entities around the world. Interestingly… Continue

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Nigeria: Celebrating Misery In the Midst Of Abundance

Nigeria: Celebrating Misery in the Midst of Abundance

Celebration time is always a time to reflect on the accumulation of events that calls for one to celebrate. It is usually a time for reflections, thanks giving, and objective analysis of events to identify what works and areas to abandon or of improvements. We have all had occasions to celebrate one event or the others since we began our sojourn on this earth. To many, the act of celebration has become a symbolism of one’s social class… Continue

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Hvar’s Theatre as the Diamond of Croatia

The theatrical tradition of Croatia is very rich and long, its beginning dating to the Middle Ages. Playhouse in Hvar was founded in 1612 and is considered to be one of the oldest European working theatres. The long awaited reconstruction of the building gave a new life to the theatre and became a significant event in the cultural life of Croatia and Europe in general.

When the building of the theatre was erected in 1612, this event was of not only cultural but…


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Commodities For None 419

We are looking for Genuine Suppliers of scrap corper metals,used rail track,Iron ore and coacoa seeds.

We are also looking for Buyers of used Cars and Jeep that we have,sugar,electrical cable from our Dubai suppliers.

419 have scared the world out of genuine business inquiries

Added by Teddy Allanah on October 2, 2010 at 5:32pm — 1 Comment


The Next Big Thing www.nigeriabusinessfile.com. published in Vangurd on the 1st October 2010: Page 8 uner 'It's time to forget the past by Fashola......


To keep accurate record and information of Nigeria’s activities, particularly the independence celebration today, a Nigerian information technology strategist company, Ibn International Ltd, yesterday, launched an online portal… Continue

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Draft Ibrahim Shekarau Movement (DISM)

7th January, 2010.…


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A pitiful situation craves not lackadaisical approaches but drastic

and efficacious measures. Solid and the masses oriented plans to arrest

the Nigerian problems are all around every corners but whose government

is prepared to run at loss? In my country, politicians believe been at

the helm of government affairs is a lifetime opportunity to amass

illegal fortune. Illegal money would soon diminish they say, but in

Nigeria this is defied!

These political…


Added by OGHENEKARO ERNEST OKPAKO on October 1, 2010 at 2:33pm — No Comments

Explaining the Irony of Nigerians' Religiosity and their Corruption Notoriety

Perhaps the much publicized finding that Nigeria is “the most religious country in the world” yet the most corrupt represents the trickiest paradox I have ever come across. After all I realize for sure that all religions irrespective of their ideological differences have more or less similar core values. For instance no religion tolerates corruption let alone promotes it. It is therefore very ironic for a country considered the most religious in Islam and…

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Naija At 50

This is my own little piece to my country

To my dear nation Naija at fifty

A beautiful lady so elegant with simplicity

Caught the eyes of white guys for her purity

She was taken and accessed with nudity

Later, she became the real epitome of beauty

And was handed to her own people as an entity

That was way back in 1960

Coming into town, she was the newest commodity

She had to continue in her line of specialty

Making oil is what she does under… Continue

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