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The Alarming Deterioration of Nigerian Football

My previous article highlighted the manner in which mass-scale corruption and mismanagement has hindered any sort of significant economic progress in the country. We live in a country richly blessed with vast

natural resources, yet our leaders choose to solely exploit one, our very own

''Black Gold'', crude oil. Having said this, where are we now as a nation? As

of 2008, Nigeria produced 2.168 million barrels of crude oil per day; one would

think such…


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An indigenous mechanical and electrical contracting company requires the services of the following engineers:

A.ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS: With competencies in AutoCAD

B.MECHANICAL ENGINEERS: With competencies in AutoCAD…


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Ardyss Body Reshaper

Are you tired of your body size or you find it almost impossible to fit into that size 8 of your choice. Then come and join the body reshaper revolution; loose 2 to 3 sizes in 10 mins by just wearing the ardyss body reshaper without any operation, dieting or starvation and strenuous exercises, maintain a good body shape, posture and fit into that sexy dress of your choice without those flaps on your side like a puppy and the excess fat on the tommy. With just a token of $410, you get a variety… Continue

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The Beauty of Giving

Many clichés come to mind when the thought of this hit my mind. Among this are: ‘’It’s the hand of the giver that lies on top’’, ‘’to whom much is given, much is expected”. It’s clearly a fact that the Giver enriches the Receiver.…


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Nigeria Police Force is currently recruiting

Hello House. This is to inform you all that the Nigeria Police Force has finally began its 2010 recruitment into the force after several delays. How you can apply to get the application form and other necessary details are available at

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Chef Mavro: Heaven in Paradise

This is not a mistake or wordiness. Just try to imagine that there is something more pleasant then heaven and you will realize what I am talking about. Chef Mavro is like an advanced level of paradise for those who can not imagine summer vacations without delicious and refined cooking, made with tropic passion.

George Mavrothalassitis – the owner and chef of the restaurant is a Frenchmen, who dwelled in Hawaii. In fact,… Continue

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NBM London Zone International Conference holding on Saturday the 28th of August 2010 in London.The theme of the conference is “Neo Black Movement - Making a positive impact on society”.The Conference…

NBM London Zone International Conference holding on Saturday the 28th of August 2010 in London.

The theme of the conference is “Neo Black Movement - Making a positive impact on society”.

The Conference hosted by London Zone

The Conference package will be a weekend long celebration that will include:

• Charity Visitation

• Ubuntu (Togetherness) Family outing

• African Night

• Notting Hill Carnival visitation…


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Building Long-Term Relationships

If you could take everything we know about communications, put it all in a large pot, boil it and distill it down into its critical essence, it is about the importance of relationships in successful selling. Building and maintaining long-term selling relationships is the key behaviour and skill of the top ten percent of the money earners in every field, selling every product and service.…


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Zenith Bank Recruiting


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