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On daily basis, I am woken up each day with phone calls, text messages and emails from many who want to start businesses. Some would tell me stories on how their work right…


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Waziri signed letters that exonerated accused politicians' By Idris Akinbajo June 25, 2011 10:40AM

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In early 2009, Mohammed Buba Marwa, then Nigeria's ambassador to South Africa, became dissatisfied with his status as a diplomat. He wanted an elective executive position, which in our country gives virtual free rein for a leader to do as he pleases, calling the shots and dispensing patronage.

A former military administrator of Lagos…


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The Anarchic Rule Of Ohakim

Having miraculously come to be the governor through one of the easiest and rarest circumstances, one would have expected a better performance from Chief Ikedi Godson Ohakim(IGO), the governor that was recently ousted from office in Imo State. Having been privileged to see the limelight, though from a humble background, Ohakim carelessly managed and made a mess of the rare opportunity given to him to write his name, like Mbakwe, in the annals of Imo history.

The 2007 elections in Imo… Continue

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Nigeria: Terrorism Threat: Police Headquarters Bombed


Nigeria: Terrorism Threat: Police Headquarters Bombed


I must confess that I am neither surprised by the brazen attack on the headquarters of the Nigeria Police, the almighty Louis Edet house in Abuja, by members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect, nor by the reaction of President Goodluck Jonathan. Why?


I was in Maiduguri and Bauchi August for over a week in 2009 after the Boko…


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how long will the amalgmation countinue?

am afraid,the way thingz re going..the northernz shud go...one tribe of Nigeria..cant tear the country apart...plz there shud be amendment.

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Staying healthy is one of the major aims and prayers of everyone, but with the hursling and bursling nature of our country the word healthy living have now made way for unhealthy living.

According to reseachers, it is studied that stress is the genesis of Heart Problem and some other chronic disease. In another word in order to live an healthy life one must avoid Stress.

Although there are many ways of preventing stress but I will share with you some simple and effective… Continue

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Where do we run to

I'm greatful for what God has done 2 we 9jerians by electing and not s'electing the leader of their own choice.6nce the independence apart 4rm Zik of Africa the westerners c** the notherners has bean @ the apex of leadership in this country.just that God does his own thing @ his own time.He gave the mantle of leadership now to whom the cap fits then the evil men of the other side(s) now device a means of dividing us into 3 countries by terorising our country.BOKO HARAM or whatever should stop… Continue

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It will be easier for a camel to pass through the h*** of a needle than for Nigeria as nation to progress.  Apart from the corrupt recycle leadership, the mentality exibits by majority of Nigerians make it not only difficult for Nigeria to progress as anation but also incacerates the few progressive ldeas necessary to push and affects changes. Like someone tell me, "corruption is no news to NIgerian's ear" so, has Nigerians endorsed corruption as national pastime, probably yes as majority of…


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Far away on the distance sea,

Your lovely face I long to see.


When’re the seas in anger foam and roar,

And in anguish, oceans their peril laid bare.

When the vessel on which we commute and toil

Wrestles with the swell and the deep:



Tossing us up and down.

And the sail and anchor seems not to avail

Your semblance is always there

To buoy my nerve and bid hopes to keep.



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Defining Achievement, Performance and Humility of Nigeria’s Political Class

As I was having a brainwave and contemplating what to write about the topic of our political leaders’ “achievement," “performance” and their “humility”, it occurred to me that I personally don’t resound with the concept of focusing life on achieving end results outside of myself. The English dictionary’s definition of ‘achieve - to bring to a successful conclusion; accomplish; attain; to gain as by hard work or effort - states that by its nature, achievement or accomplishment is an result, a… Continue

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how to become a member of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineering Student

become a full time member of the Nigeria institution of mechanical engineers(NImechE) and earn recognition as an engineer..boost ur c.v with it...

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Since the arrest of the former speaker of the house of representatives Mr Dimeji Bankole and his deputy Mr Nafada for corrupt practises involving billions of Naira, i've been asking myself some simple questions such as, if Mr Bankole won his re-election into the house,would he be standing trial today? The answer is a big NO! This scam would have been swept under the carpet and it will be business as usual while fellow Nigerians will continue to live in poverty in the middle of plenty. The…


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Social Media and Books in Nigeria

First Published in the Vanguard Newspapers, Sunday May 15, 2011.

As the Nigerian International Book Fair began in Lagos, Nigerian born but United States of America based writer and book promoter discusses how the new forms of social media can help to drive the future of book culture, market and promotion.

The Nigerian International Book Fair kicked off May…


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I had dream of such plight on 24th/25th midnit,then i pray over it, unknown that it's goin to take place at the FCT. May God have Mercy on Nigeria.

I had dream of such plight on 24th/25th midnit,then i pray over it, unknown that it's goin to take place at the FCT.
May God have Mercy on Nigeria. Continue

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Nigerian Politics And PDP's Dominance

PDP once said that they will rule this nation for a minimum of 60years, making us susceptible to a gradual departure from true democracy to the realm of political anarchy. One is made to ponder whether the one party system(only PDP)will be democracy or disguised dictatorship. The thought of the possible future puts fear in the hearts of well meaning Nigerians. The hold of PDP on this nation looks so strong and spells doom for us all. Its reversal is almost unthinkable, considering the sequence… Continue

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mr president

papa goodluck we stand where u stand cos we know say as u come 9ija don stand

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STATE OF ENVIRONMENT: Gas Flaring in Nigeria


Gas flare is harmful gases release into the atmosphere, a variety of gaseous pollutants exist in gas flaring, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and other volatile organic compounds, including benzene and toluene. The…


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Someone Worse than Gadhaffi in KOLOKOLO COMMUNITY in Delta State

Its very unfortunate and pathetic that despite the international community's condemnation of  the Libyan Leader Mommar Gadhaffi, for his style of leadership, we still have people that are worse off in Nigeria. what is happening in my Community is a case far worse than that of Libya, Mental and Economic Slavery, Chevron has done a lot for the our oil-rich communites in terms of physical and human development but the leaders are sabotaging the efforts of the companies by amassing themselves…


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Facebook loses 6M U.S. users in May

Computerworld - Facebook may continue to gain users, but the world's biggest social network isn't gaining them as quickly as it has been and is actually losing users in the U.S.

Facebook gained 11.8 million more users last month alone, according to a study by Inside Facebook. While that's a lot of new users, it's less than the 13.9 million new users who joined the site in April, or the 20 million gain during some months in the past year.

And while Inside Facebook reports… Continue

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