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Mobil Producing Nigeria career: Apprenticeship Program

The NNPC/MPN Joint Venture invites applications from suitably qualified

persons into our Apprenticeship Program beginning January 2011. The

Program is designed for young Nigerians with an interest in pursuing an

Operations and Maintenance Technician career in the oil and gas or

related industry.


1. Only applicants with Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in one of

the following…


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About The Programme

Servetek is an engineering firm with operations across the country and West Africa. Our vision is to build and nurture an international institution with world class processes

through the development of world class people. Our operations cover

constructions, telecoms and oil & gas.

We seek for immediate employment the services…


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Myne Whitman writes a Nigerian Love Story


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Wisdom From The Street!

I found out that our Leaders has decided to play and sing thesame song to us from year to year while we the citizens keep Dancing thesame style to their songs and rythm, this keeps me wondering if the problem lies with the Barber or with the Clipper. But from all indication i strongly believe the problem lies with the Clipper and the person to be Barbed and not with the Barber.

A world is enough for the wise!

Added by Kobbla Emmanuel Komeno Ameyon on June 29, 2010 at 10:17am — No Comments

Why Nigeria was incoherent at World cup matches

After Nigeria drew her last match with South Korea 2-2 and crashed out of the on going World Cup in South Africa, I was inundated the queries as to why my prediction for a successful outing went bad. Some wanted

me to do post scrip to analyze properly what happened. Somehow I am a bit…


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Great Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria has earmarked N10 billion for the 50th

Independence day celebrations. As part of this profligate waste of funds there

is currently a 2 day jamboree at London’s

Grosvenor House Hotel, in Park

Lane, London, W1K 7TN. There has been no press

release on the purpose of this…


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The N’ Assembly as ‘National Embarrassment’

The N’ Assembly as ‘National Embarrassment’…


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The issue of the removal of petrol subsidy is one area that has exposed our government’s characteristic indecision and prevarication. On the one hand, government’s claim to subsidy values of over N600bn per annum is considered outrageous and unsustainable as this expenses subhead alone usually exceeds the consolidated capital votes for health, education and transportation each year. Meanwhile, Nigerians continue to bemoan the huge infrastructural deficits in these critical areas of social… Continue

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Babangida: Why Zoning Pact Has to Be Kept .....THIS DAY NEWSPAPERS

“Please, be informed that we are not in competition with anybody in 2011 presidential elections. Babangida is just in a class of his own.…

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Corps Member Slumps, Dies On Parade Ground In Ibadan... DAILY INDEPEDENT NEWSPAPER

"......After some anxious moment, the corps member was rushed to the Oyo State Government House Clinic, but on sighting his critical condition,…


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Standard Bank Nigeria Graduate Trainee Program


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Please read excerpts of the recant of a prosperity preacher below:

I Was Wrong: Excerpt From Jim Bakker's Autobiographical Book

by Jim Bakker : excerpted from the book "I Was Wrong" (Thomas…


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What goes around comes around. Watch ur steps and actions, becos they will definitely turn back to u either to hunt or pave way 4u. Every man as each day passes writes the chapters and pages of his life that will compulsorily be read when he is still alive and after he might have gone.........So wot story are u writing about urself as each day unfolds.

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The understanding of God's word will make you outstanding in all facet of life. The making of any man in life centres on the engrafted word of the Lord he knows,believes and practices. Mind u, any success that is not formed based on God's word will soon colapse........ You are blessed…


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A Good Nigeria Masterweb Is The Key To Online Success

Do you know that most Nigeria master web can only design websites that looks attractive but cannot be found by the search engines?

So most Nigerians having websites don’t get returns on what they invest designing their website? If you doubt me ask your friend that owns a website.

Yes, the site will speak about their products and services but no visitors or any sign that they will make any money from it.

They do not have the experience of using keywords which is… Continue

Added by Olabode Oruku on June 24, 2010 at 2:13pm — 1 Comment

Deconstructing Bukola Saraki

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki is the Executive Governor of Kwara State and Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum. He has won several leadership awards, both national and international. In 2004, he won the ThisDay Newspapers award for Best Governor of the Year. In 2004 and 2005, he won the City People Magazine award for Best Governor in North Central Zone, as well as for Best Governor in Nigeria. In 2006 he won the Kenneth Kaunda Foundation award for Best Governor in Africa. In the year 2009, he… Continue

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As We Sit Back And Watch Abia State Go To Ruins

This state was once called God’s own state. I state “was once called” because I have a strong feeling of it becoming an offence against God to associate Him with this State because of how much it has been bastardized by its government in the last decade. Like the cemetery Eastside High School was built upon, the school was called GHOSTS. Like the people who have misruled Abia State in the last decade or so, Abia state represents the modern day “A Town Called Bastard”. Everything in Abia… Continue

Added by Aba Alangwa on June 24, 2010 at 10:51am — 2 Comments

A Democracy Of Profligacy And Outright Treasury-Looting

Quote (Elombah Perspectives): “President Barack Obama's salary is $400,000 per annum. A Nigeria Senator collects ₦48

million per quarter. At the end of the year, each senator's haul will be in the

neighbourhood of…


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Theartre Arts display very impressive

these men tearing themselves apart are supposed 2 b rollmodels mentors 2 someone somehow .Anyway either positively or negetively they are still making an impact, [breeding]

Added by ofutet faith on June 23, 2010 at 5:04pm — 1 Comment

What happened to the Nigerian revolution?

I question whether the necessary psychological conditions exist for us to address Nigeria’s problems or to implement the necessary solutions to them. This skepticism stems from the relative ease with which those in power restore the status quo after Nigerians have appeared to have awakened to the need for change.

For instance, when the…


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