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Constitutional Rights, Liberties and Moral Values

On Thursday May 23, the Boys Scout of America voted to allow openly gay boys into the organization. This was the result of a combination of push by a lesbian who wanted her son to exercise his right to freedom of association, and the subtle threat by corporations to stop donations to the Boys Scout if changes were not made to adapt to current societal norms. In recent months, many states in America have passed laws either allowing same sex civil unions or marriages, to the chagrin of…


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MY…Condolence! YOUR…Condolence!! OUR…Condolence!!!


100,000…R.I.P Condolence for “Lee Rigby”

Let’s show some “LOVE.”


“The death of a dear one, whether timely or not, is a trying time for those who know that the world will not be the same without their presence. Though the heart grieves, most of us don't know how to express our sorrow, or…


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Connect with senior executive employers in Nigeria

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MYO…BODY! (MY…Body! YOUR…Body!! OUR…Body!!!)


MY…Body! YOUR…Body!! OUR…Body!!!


Preamble: By d time U read and view d attached illustration two thing is for sure: U either going to love me more or hate me more.

But, also d following are guarantee: When U ‘Love’ me; I’ll continue to rest in your ‘heart’. And if you choose…


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Abuse Mistaken For Discipline: A Threat To Child Right Education

Keywords as define by the Collins Dictionary

Abuse: treatment of someone cruelly and violently
Discipline: Practice of making people obey rules or standards and punishing them when they do not.
I have had my basic and secondary education in Ghana, a country noted for the instillment of discipline in her society. Discipline in…

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Why did Jesus preach the Kingdom of God and not Religion?

God’s General will is summarized by the coming of his Kingdom and its expansion from heaven to earth it means his authority and rulership in the life of all human beings through the salvation of their souls in Jesus Christ and the impartation of the Holy Spirit into their lives. Man was created to live under Gods rulership and his authority but because of sin he put himself under another ruling kingdom called the kingdom of the devil (Lucifer) or the kingdom of darkness. This fact reveals to…


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Do you want to stuy in Austria

Hello do you want to study in Austria.

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Real Love

Real love is not based on romance,candle light and walks along the beach. In fact, it is based on respect, compromise, care and trust.

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Buying a Land in Lagos ? Take these STEPS

There are basic steps you ought to take when you’ve finally

decided to buy a land in Lagos, to reduce stress you must

ask basic questions and take these steps.

(1)Consult your agent and tell him exactly what you want

and how you’ll like to have it, if you have a good agent he

will most likely get a property close to what you want

faster than you might think is possible, this will save you

stress, but give him the… Continue

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Escape from explosion scene as it occured alive !!!!!

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ACN, CPC: THE DESTRUCTIVEBuhari-Tinubu-and-Onu-360x225.jpg AGENTS OF NIGERIA

By Emmanuel Nicholas

Generally speaking, competition is good when several different persons compete to achieve the same goal. Competition among individuals is as old as the existence of human life. While many people argue that competition holds lots of disadvantages for a society, others consider…


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New Blackberry Q5-Full Features, Specification and Availabilty

Recently,Blackberry  maker announced its new brand of BlackBerry smart phone ,the Q5 in Orlando.The latest Blackberry  Q5  as is coming as a successor and an improvement to the Blackberry q10 and Z10 which was released sometimes in the year.

The low budget BlackBerry Q5…


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Nigeria: which way forward?

My own Nigerian state with about 160 million people and still on the rising, the most populous black nation on the African continents, one of the richest black developing nation with abundance of natural, human and capital resources, yet poor. I will surely be ending this piece with several questions one of which is, which way forward? And to drive this piece to a sharper focus, I shall consider it from three different views – a bit of the past, present and the future, though there is not much… Continue

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I think the statement credited to Asari Dokubo and the subsequent reply by the Northern Elders Forum is uncalled for. GEJ did not win the election by threats of violence, he was mmsssively voted for, for s period of one term, for him to be re-elected for a second tenure which is constitutional. we are running democracy where Service delivery and the votes of the people decide. moreso, if GEJ could complete his divine mission in one term and stepped aside peacefully and be like the great Nelson… Continue

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8th UGRL Nigeria IT Empowerment Scholarship 2013

Countdown: 4 days to 8th UGRL Nigeria IT Empowerment Scholarship 2013 powered by Microsoft and ORACLE. Apply NOW

Examination Date: 18th May, 2013
Venue: Indoor Sports Complex, NIS, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.
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Boko Haram: Missed Target

It is no more news that Boko Haram had nearly finished half the population of the north and many innocent people, but a question that begs for an answer is why? Well, we can’t possibly deny that Boko Haram is a terror unleashed by the frustrated lots against the Nigerian state and its leaders who, in their opinion, have been flourishing in wealth and ostentation while they stand neglected in yawning poverty. It then becomes obvious that everybody wants a piece of the national cake, having heard… Continue

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Reach Out To Your Customers Cheaply

At we empower businesses to reach out to their customers/clients very cheaply by sending bulk messages without having to feel the impact in thier business capital. You get to send any quantity as you wish. Give it a trial today.

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The King’s Bickering Horsemen

First it was Olusegun Aganga, many months ago, lecturing Charles Soludo on the principles of financial economics, and the right path to Nigeria’s ever elusive economic prosperity. Then there was Oby Ezekwesili, also a former Minister of many things, raising alarm over fast-dwindling foreign reserves. As if that was not enough to set Nigerian tongues wagging, Nasir El-Rufai, the erstwhile Federal Capital Territory Minister, served up a tall tale of his days in the Obasanjo administration in…


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