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Clarion Call for Amala/Ntu Secondary School

Clarion Call for Amala/Ntu Secondary School


Written By Nwaorgu Faustinus.



Amala/Ntu Secondary School, once the glory of secondary school education in Ngor/Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State is terribly in great state of dilapidation and will closely march towards the brink of extinction if nothing expedient and urgent is done to rescue it from total decadence.



Founded in 1976, Amala/Ntu Secondary School was regard as one…


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30,000 Mexicans Killed In Drug War, Violence, Made in the USA!

30,000 Mexicans Killed In Drug War, Violence, Made in the USA!

Written by Paul I. Adujie


This is a story about American appetite for drugs and narcotics which has and is still ruining many lives in America and many neighboring nations, particularly, America’s southern neighbor, the nation of Mexico.


30,000 persons, Mexicans, fellow human beings are dead in a short time period in Mexico, America’s neighbor to the south, as result and consequence…


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There are local and international recruitment exercise by firms(local and foreign) across west African countries for various categories of professions, Interested applicants are to view details here

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I sees no Unity in Nigeria as a state.

Yes, I sees improvement nd developement through the governanance of Our Godsent President. I also, sees no unity in the administrative system of Our constitutn. There many amendment that nids to b done by the legislatures. Why must the major sector offices be shared akoding to the tribes, thereby promoting tribalism. If there is true unity in Nigeria, only the Northern or Southern kan be a president, senate presdnt nd also house speaker nd still render efficient nd accountable leadership to the… Continue

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Time Management From The Heart (A 21st Century Time Management System)



There are seven principles that for the foundation of the 21st Century Time Management system. These seven principles help you understand and set-up the program. A thorough understanding of the principles will help you to implement the program more effectively.


1. Let Go - You can’t get everything done. You need accept this is true



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I want to use this medium to correct an erroneous teaching by one pastor Chris Ojigbani, who anchors ‘single and married’ on Silverbird Tv, he taught that the Bible does not permit man trusting man, that trust should be only for God. He based his argument on Jer 17:5. Before going to the Bible, I want to use one theological principle to approach this discourse viz: common sense. We can use our common sense to read and understand the Bible to an extent because it was written in Hebrew and…


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By Albert Akpor


Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan says he is determined to improve security in the country with a new administration that takes power with Sunday's inauguration.

Security was a driving issue in the presidential campaign following bomb blasts by militants from the oil-rich Niger Delta and attacks on police by members of an extremist Islamic group in the…


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Web Cash Creation How would you like to make $10 - $25 every single day just for clicking your mouse ? This is a work at home position … which requires no prior experience … and by following the thre…

Web Cash Creation How would you like to make $10 - $25 every single day just for clicking your mouse ? This is a work at home position … which requires no prior experience … and by following the three easy steps can make you money beginning today … Make $10, $25 or even $70+ per week with 15 minutes of your time! With my new & proven "CashCreation" - System! I never released this information to the public before and it's hot! My brand new "CashCreation"-System is your surefire method to… Continue

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Mobil Nigeria. Why choose to be a theif. Mr Precident Help!

It saddens me that Nigerians are not anywhere near freedom from poverty and hardships.

Majority of our leaders are too currupt and vissionless. The judiciary is now the king of curruption, must Nigerians take the law into their hands before a change?

Mr President, You are aware of the king clement foundation brought up by Commandclem Nigeria. This foundation has vowed to eradicate poverty in Nigeria with workable and excellent programs upon payment of royalties for their invention… Continue

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Imo Government house on fire.

It has been a tradition in Imo state for outgoing Governors to burn down the government house after the expiration of their tenure.

I want to advice the Governor Elect Rochas Owelle to be careful and make sure that such a thing will not happen.

It will be a thing of joy if the Government house Owerri is not burned down before the inauguaration. Atleast we will remember the Ikiri ( Ohakim ) for doing it well this time.

Okatta writes from Dispora.


Added by zinno katta E on May 28, 2011 at 10:56pm — No Comments

New Nigeria

The new Nigeria has come to stay let us support the new elected leaders of our great country NIGERIA to make it a better place for all of us to live in it with love, pace and harmony.

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The Unimaginative and Purposeless Political Recycling

This article is not intended to offend anyone personally but recent developments in the nation’s socio-political environment warrant comments and focus on the situation so readers of this medium can be fully apprised of developments around them.


When I opened the pages of the newspapers recently and read that the PDP, which had been ruling since 1999 had come up with a list of 270 nominees for Ministerial and other positions for the new (?) incoming government of Goodluck…


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good to be onboard vanguard online community

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iw wnt gv a/c of myslf lik odaz cn

I wnt tel dt am kul,briliant,brainy,intellectually gftd,vibrant,an entity,a public fgure,an influential fgure,a smbdy or rather i wnt tel ya wht am nt.Dtz y d wrst tin abt me is dt i alwyz b myslf nd mst nd d vital tin abt me is dt am in lov wit knwn pple,entatainin pple,mkin pple 2 4gt abt 1's worriez nd sorrowz.Infct,ask me anytn u so wishez nd i wl tel ya cuz am hre 2 knw pple

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PProfessor Attahiru Jega; A Vote of Thanks & Thunderous Applause From A Grateful Nation

Professor Attahiru Jega; A Vote of Thanks & Thunderous Applause From A Grateful Nation

Written by Paul I. Adujie


Elections are over and inaugurations are scheduled to take place nationwide in a matter of days, and nobody is asking for Professor Jega’s head, what could the secret be?

Local and international elections observers and monitors have all adjudged and pronounced the elections as free and fair.…

Added by Paul I. Adujie on May 25, 2011 at 11:55pm — No Comments


I have reasons to believe that the Northern elite, espcially the traditional rulers (Emirs) are tacitly behind all the religious and secterian violence in the North.  They have not done much to stop their subjects from killing Christians and burning their churches.  They rather see is as victory of Islam  over Christianity.  That is why I do not take their condenmination of every ritious act seriously.  They should be held responsible for failing in their  duty to  stop violence at the…


Added by Charles Ugochukwu Okere on May 25, 2011 at 6:21pm — 3 Comments


Charity they say begins at home so let me begin by asking  where are the Nigerian northern youths As a Nigeria i have lived in the west, East, South and North, in the south integration and interaction is visible in every working places and street corners, youths out in full force to hustle trying to make little out of nothing. I n commercial city like lagos, ibos, yorubas, edos, Deltans, and other minority ethnic youths flood the mega city trying to create living, the only youths you will not… Continue

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The greek gift of making an Igboman the chief of Army Staff will soon be taken going by the news going around.

Added by ANYABUIKE KENNEDY on May 22, 2011 at 11:16am — 3 Comments

Love one another, First Lady urges Nigerians

Abuja - The First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, on Saturday  urged Nigerians to cultivate the habit of showing love to one another.

Jonathan  made the plea  at a three-day transformation and praise programme organised by the Celebration Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of  God (RCCG)  in Abuja.

The president’s wife  said  the act of loving one another  would promote peace, progress and harmony in the country.

``I urge you to love your neighbour as yourself;… Continue

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                                                     PRESS RELEASE

                           SECURITY IN THE COUNTRY/BOKO HARAM SECT

As mark of commitment and responsibility to our statutory duties, I find it very expedient to address the Press for the purpose of acquainting you and the nation at large with the recent happenings in Bauchi and Borno States.

The Inspector-General of Police Hafiz Abubakar Ringim, NPM, mni wishes to inform the…


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