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                                                PDP                               CPC                     ACN        

1.ABIA                                    1,175,984              3,743                           n/a                                          

2. ADAMAWA               508,314                    344,526

3. AKWA IBOM         1,165,549                      …


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Reincarnation of June 12

Whoever wins this 2011 Presidential Election, will go down in the history of Nigeria as a national Hero.  This is so reflected in the manner the election was conducted.  The approach may be crude yet its very transparent and credible, the more people tried to term or categorise the voting pattern, the more elusive it becomes.  Whether  the voting pattern is along Party Line, Tribal Line, Religious Line, Geographical or Regional Line, whatever line it is, I think the aura that produced the…


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Wetin bi Agbasa box?

Wetin bi Agbasa box?


Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

When over a year ago I embarked on the unfamiliar endeavour of a writing style that promotes Naija (aka Nigerian Pidgin) in an interesting mix with the English language, I was not oblivious of the fact that many would be wondering about its rationale in terms of effectively communicating with my readers. I also appreciated the fact that it will not only be branded as “distasteful” but a complete infringement on the… Continue

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Those who did not allow for credible elections to take place during their time are now clamoring to take advantage of the transparency of the present regime. The youths of Nigeria are voting and their voices calls for new thinkers to steer the ship of state. The old captains should sleep with one eye open because, in this new Nigeria, they cannot enjoy their stolen wealth.

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My fear is not Jonathan but his godfathers

As in for me, Bakare is a replacement of what was long gone, it seem like yesterday, great times are not meant to be forgotten, what am i talking about?, yes, the man Idiagbon. I feel the replacement is a perfect one, just imaging what Nigeria will be when BUHARI/BAKARE are voted in. Nowadays, name is just name, people do not follow the purpose. My fear is not Jonathan but his godfathers, the kacus PDP, Jonathan is only a cover for them, he is a picture to make Nigerians believe he is the… Continue

Added by ABC4ALL mentor Rommy Wuhe on April 16, 2011 at 3:13pm — 1 Comment

Presidential election how far so far?

With all the scare of bomb attack here and there, aside from the one in one or two states. I'd rather say that the election is more peaceful. This doesn't rule out the fact that it was also marred with a reasonable share of irregularities and manipulating of figures but on the average i'd score Jaga a pass mark. Considerin the fact that if it was the previous ones conducted..winners would had been known before the collating the results. What's you take on it?

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Reading through the Nigerian newsmedia, one can see long queues of Nigerians standing in the scorching sun to perform their civic responsibility of voting in an election. Without doubt many are voting for the first time in their life,while others believe that their vote won't really make any difference. Last saturday's election can be described as an acceptable election because there was some minor hitches here and there, we hope today's election will be an improvement from the previous one.… Continue

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Presidential election

To all friends in the forum, Please I need an update  to the currention situation of the day's election.  writing from Holland.

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The Final stages Of The Nigerian revolution

With the likely election of President Goodluck Jonathan on first ballot the Nigerian Revolution moves into the 3rd stage. Remember that the first stage of this peaceful revolution was kick started with the widespread discontent of Nigerians over the apparent refusal of Late President Yar Adua’s to hand over to his deputy during his medical trip abroad last year. There were protests led by Youth groups the most visible was the Prof Soyinka endorsed March on Abuja which helped to push the… Continue

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April Fool - Take Heart Nigerians!

The tricks played on people on April Fool's day can't be more than the one played on unsuspecting Nigerians on April 2 with an issue as serious as our elections. Just as the seemingly careful ones among us exercised our shrewdness and thought that we have manoeuvred any possibility of becoming victims of this year's version, ours came in a bigger, more surprising and unfortunate package -election cancellation and deferment.

Reminiscing about the event, I had no choice than to give my… Continue

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What are we expecting in dis presidential election? I pray 4 God's will

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Jonathan pledges more jobs

ABUJA—PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, rekindled the hope of jobless youths across the country with assurance of his administration’s readiness to implement recommendations of the National Job Creation Committee to the letter, to move the nation beyond the rhetoric of several job creation schemes of the past.

Speaking at the first ever Presidential Summit on Job Creation at the Presidential Villa, President Jonathan said his government will seize the opportunities that abound… Continue

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How Gbagbo, wife, son were captured

There are conflicting accounts on how former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo was finally captured. Gbagbo was arrested after a military assault on his residence in Abidjan and has been put under UN guard.

Forces of his UN-recognised successor, Alassane Ouattara, and French tanks advanced on his residence where he had been ensconced in a bunker. Gbagbo had been refusing to cede power, insisting he won November’s presidential election.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon… Continue

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Gbagbo taken to Abidjan's Golf Hotel: Ouattara spokesman

Gbagbo taken to Abidjan's Golf Hotel: Ouattara spokesman

PARIS (Reuters) - Forces loyal to Ivory Coast's Alassane Ouattara have taken Laurent Gbagbo to the Golf Hotel in Abidjan, after he was detained in his residence, a Ouattara spokesman in France told Reuters.

Separately, a French defence ministry official confirmed to Reuters that Gbagbo had been detained in his residence. He said he was arrested by Ouattara's forces, backed by U.N. peacekeepers and French… Continue

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Laurent Gbagbo captured!

At last, Laurent Gbagbo has been arrested in his underground bunker in Abidjan alongside with his wife and son.

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free, fare and fine elections

this year's election is the freest, farest and finest i have ever seen and witnesses in regards to Nigeria politics. Lets uphold patriotism.

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The Transformed Political Nigeria.

9jerians, what we need in this great, blessed and well-naturally endowed country, Nigeria is nothing more than: education, exposition and technical know-how. If we have up to 10% of Nigeria Politicians as educated and civilized like Dimeji Bankole, then, good governance is guaranteed.

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Anambra Central: JEGA Please do the right thing!!!!!!


Our attention has beend drawn to broad-day light robbery going on in Anambra State being perpetuated by the ruling APGA to forcefully install Prof Dora Akunyili as the Senator from the Anambra Central Senatorial District.Dr Chris Ngige and his ACN Party has been leading in all wards and LG's in the region including Peter Obi and Dora's Agulu.Suddenly the rulingf party in the state made frantic,desperate but unsuccessful efforts to rig the election in the zone but the Returning…


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With this election,it seems like Nigeria is finally getting it right in spite of all odds. We in Australia commend the statesmanship of President Jonathan Goodluck who insisted on appointing a man of integrity like Jega to lead INEC. We also commend Jega for proving most people right that he is an upright Nigerian. Above all, we commend the wonderful, beautiful Nigerian people for their endurance, doggedness and determination  to usher in a New Nigeria for all through democracy. Finally, we…


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More mighty men fall...*Oyinlola, Omisore, Nnamani, Orji Kalu, Alli Modu Sheriff

* Adedibu, Akinjide, Obasanjo, Yar'Adua's children lose


Senate seats: PDP 36; ACN 13; CPC 5;  ANPP 4; Labour 3; APGA 1; DPP 1


By Clifford Ndujihe, Deputy Political Editor

MORE political heavy weights continued to fall, yesterday, as more results of Saturday’s National Assembly polls tumbled in last night.

House of Representatives Speaker, Hon. Dimeji Bankole, daughter of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Senator Iyabo…


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