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Rethinking the Ghaddaffi Proposal

Rethinking the Ghaddaffi Proposal

By: Idumange John…


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Message for Nigeria

Every sector in Nigeria presently seem not to be yielding profitably as expected by Nigerians as well as other countries of the world that also believe that Nigeria is endowed with so much resources – both human and natural, which can turn the country into one of the greatest countries in the world if the country’s resources are efficiently managed by its leaders.

The problem in Nigeria is so serious that so many have given up on this country. The situation in Nigeria has become utterly… Continue

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According to Wiemann, Takai, Ota, & Wiemma (1997) the “history of communication

competency could be traced back to ancient Greece, where speech oratory and eloquence were

the main educational themes. Asristotle’s five canons of rhetoric is [sic] probably the earliest

model of competent communication” (p. 25). In today’s world, competency continues to be one

of the core areas in research, interpersonal communication, cultural and… Continue

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A Personal sober Account of Depression

According to Medindia.com a website for health matters “Depression is a serious illness

that involves both physical and mental states. It affects a person with feelings of extreme

sadness that can last for weeks or months together. It disrupts the normal life of a person, with

an overall change in attitude and behavior both internally and externally”

(… Continue

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Sizing up Racism in Canada: Salad Bowl or Racism Bowl?

In global politics it is widely known that Canada is a multicultural-multiracial country. It

may be likened to the description of “‘’salad bowl’ where cultural diversity and ethnic self identification

are promoted and encouraged” (Hutchings.C, nd. Canada’s first nation...). Canada

is acclaimed to be peaceful; it defends fundamental human rights to freedom of association,

freedom of speech and equality. This assumption is based on the facts… Continue

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Changing Life Style of Information Sharing

The word “communication” is a buzz word, which is as old as the existence of man.

However, the 21st century has given a new overtone to communication that goes beyond the

ability to communicate through oral language. Webstar dictionary says “Communication is a

process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of

symbols, signs, or behavior” (Webster, 1983, p. 266).…

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Groundwork For Joyful Relationships

The synonyms for the word relationship include ‘association, affiliation, bond, link, liaison, rapport, connection, etc.’ When you extend these synonyms a little further, you will see other words like friendship, union, alliance, attachment, contact, cooperation, involvement, understanding, affinity, empathy, etc. The images that come into my mind as I contemplate these words include social, business, filial and marriage relationships.

Relationships are at the root of all forms of… Continue

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