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Egyptian Revolution: the lessons for Nigeria

In the past few weeks at Harvard University, the discussion has been on the revolution in Egypt. Many African students have discussed the possibilities of an Egyptian-type revolution happening anywhere else in Africa. Nigeria was at the center of the discussion and the question was: Can the kind of revolution we have seen unfolding in Egypt happen in Nigeria?

I do not do sequels. Otherwise a discussion like this would warrant a follow-up because there are so many aspects to it. But as a… Continue

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My thoughts on the election process so far

After much speculation, the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) set the elections for April 2011 and I think they made the right decision instead of choosing January like some wanted. We have to remember that Jega, the INEC Chairman was only appointed around the middle of last year. The whole electoral body needed some time to put things in order and now with the registration process, we get to see what they can do for the… Continue

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"The Blind Gardener of Love" (On Valentine's Day, give love to the blinds and the impaired)


(By: Rosauro M. Angeles at [email protected])



I will come to your garden

Unhindered by disability

No one can stop me

I am a gardener of love…


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" To Say Good-bye" (A Valentine Special)


(By: Rosauro M. Angeles  at [email protected])

Love, to say goodbye I will never ever say

for to live without you I cannot bear

Though in wealth we are both bare

in risks, love make us truly prepared.



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Nigerian Elections - When Sycophancy Pays

Elections are at the corner with party campaigns heating up, politicians are making their interests known to the public. Carefully concocted manifestos are being paraded, INEC compiling the names of party representatives and support sought from individuals and people groups. The great wind of elections is sweeping across the country and many become victims of assassinations and kidnaps, others end up mishaving due to much excitement. With the good, the bad and the ugly poised to lock horns in… Continue

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Hosni Mubarak's Dictatorship, Defeated & Gone; What Is Next For Egypt?

Hosni Mubarak's Dictatorship, Defeated & Gone; What Is Next For Egypt?

Written by Paul I. Adujie

Hosni Mubarak, the infamous dictator, tyrant, authoritarian and absolute ruler of Egypt is gone!

It is a new day in Egypt! Egyptians as jubilate, celebrate and dances in the streets most triumphantly! The world is transfixed and exultant for the successful revolution inspired and driven by Egyptians in a peaceful… Continue

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Islam, Political Islam, Paranoia, Irrational & Unreasonable Fears

Islam, Political Islam, Paranoia, Irrational & Unreasonable Fears

Written by Paul I. Adujie


What do Egyptians want?


What are the aspirations of Egyptians? Could it be an outcome for Egyptians or an outcome which is preferred by the Americans, Europeans, Israel and Saudi Arabia etc?


Now that Hosni Mubarak has resigned, would the Americans, Europeans and Israelis support a military dictatorship in Egypt or a thorough democratic…


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Spiritual Fruit vs Spiritual Gift

To start with, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are those special but spiritual abilities that manifest in a believer after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, whereas the fruit of the Holy Spirit is a conglomeration of all the expected and distinguishing virtues or characters imputed into a believer during the first work of the Holy Spirit in his/her life at salvation.

Actually, the gifts of the Spirit speak more of the power given to christians to be able to do the work of God,… Continue

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Winning the Future for Nigeria

In the global competition to win the future through technological innovations and education, what does winning the future mean for Nigeria? In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 22, President Obama told the world that for America to maintain a competitive edge over other industrialized nations, America must be geared toward “winning the future.”  Obama said that “to win the future, America must out-innovate, out-build, out-compete, and out-educate other…


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My Tribute To Chika - The Lessons From The Life Of A 'Sleeping' Gem

"Though (I) was unable to believe (this) because it was not imagined, I spoke with her sister few minutes past and she confirmed it. Sister Chika Okoro is dead!", read the text message I received from Bro. Samuel, the President of the Scripture Union Campus Fellowship located in Evan Enwerem University(EEU), former Imo State University(IMSU) at 04:25:29p.m. on Sunday, the 28th day of November, 2010 as I was fraternising with a good friend of mine.

Though the news of the sudden and… Continue

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Party Politics And The 2011 Elections

In previous articles, since 2007 I have always defended and given the excuse for our aberrant democratic practice as being nascent, (i.e. new, embryonic, blossoming, hopeful, promising, and budding). In fact, I try very hard to believe in my own folly, always trying seriously to believe myself that we cannot perfect our brand of democracy so soon. After all, as they say, Rome was not built in a day, and even the great democracies of the modern world like the United States of America and Great… Continue

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I wish to draw the attention of  Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria that fixing a date for the final validation of the customer accounts with the commercial bank will disinfrachize some of the customers of the banks who are not reident in Nigeria. Appropriate measures should be put in place not to allow these people who had accounts with the banks not to loose their money for not being around within this short period given…


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Good day sir,

                    It is my prayer that Mr. president reads this, sir, I am convinced in my heart that if you read this, things will change, so this is my candid request and opinion on how I felt the face of things can be changed in this great country of ours. It is  a matter of fact that the April general elections is around the corner, and power will change hands again, it is also true that except God builds a house (this country), the laborers, laboreth in…


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Imagine If Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan Etc Were Democracies?

Imagine If Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan Etc Were Democracies?

Written by Paul I. Adujie


As a non-Arab concerned with the plight of the people of Palestine and the burgeoning non-beguiling ordeal of the people of Iraq, I am forced to wonder about certain what ifs, such as, what if Saudi Arabia was democratic? What if the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi were more interested in how to develop the kingdom in the best interests of all Saudi…


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America Is Friend, Ally of Dictators and Tyrants Worldwide

America Is Friend, Ally of Dictators and Tyrants Worldwide

Written by Paul I. Adujie


President Barack Obama it was, who once stated that Africa need strong institutions and not strong men. But now we know these statements are mere deep end platitudes, in view of the fact that America, Israel and Europe etc prefer strong man dictator, tyrant president for life authoritarian Hosni Mubarak of…


Added by Paul I. Adujie on February 4, 2011 at 2:48am — 1 Comment

On Professor Jega's Undeserved Vilification - By Philips Akpoviri

By Philips Akpoviri.

I saw it coming much earlier. Yes, as early as the time he reeled out the timetable and surprisingly apportioned a miserably insufficient two - week duration for the registration of the scores of millions of eligible voters. Every sincere Nigerian who is truly true to himself given today's palpable realities cannot expect such a normally monstrous exercise to consume anything less than two months even if the Christian Association of Nigeria were to organize…


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JAMB lifts embargo on 8 Universities

Abuja - The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has lifted the embargo it placed on eight universities in the country.

The institutions include Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Abia State University, Uturu, Lagos State University, Ojo and Ebonyi State University,Abakaliki.


The rest are Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye in Ogun, Evan Enwerem… Continue

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Registering to vote in Nigeria

Last Week I managed to register to vote in the coming April General Elections in Nigeria. It was no mean feat. For more than two weeks I tried to do so without success. I tried to register in my area of residence, Rumuobiakani, Port Harcourt but there was no machine allocated to my neighborhood. I got to understand that some influential persons wanted their own spots covered so the allocation of machines was reshuffled at the last moment. I tried to go to GRA where it was rumored the line was… Continue

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