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To Achieve Is To Lose - The incredible story of Coach Amodu


Football is the most watched, most played and most talked about game in the world.

But my beloved country India, which houses 1/6th of the world population, is woefully ignorant about this beautiful game.

We are content being the No-1 cricketing nation (a newly acquired status in the longer version of the game called the “Tests”) in the world; a game played by not more than a dozen odd countries.

To me football was a game played… Continue

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Overcoming delicate stages of the Nigerian Revolution

We are about to enter a delicate stage of the Nigerian revolution and it calls for serious preparation to overcome all the negative tactics of the opposition. I didn’t say they are the enemy, but opposition because we all are going to the same destination. Even the opposition will marvel at the gains and success the new will offer them had they the capacity to seen it in advance. However, everywhere, to some is given the strength to drag others along even against their best judgments… Continue

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Last year, Abdalla S. El-Badri, Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) dismissed fears about the imminent replacement of petroleum with biofuels and other alternative sources of energy like wind, solar, or even agricultural products like sugarcane. Appearing at a media project in Abuja to meet OPEC’s statutory responsibility to member nations, El-Badri said, “the global debate about seeking alternative to oil would not yield result because of the strategic… Continue

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Soil erosion is a complex process encompassing detachment, transport, and deposition, and is caused by wind, water, and physical disturbance. It reduces land productivity, challenges agricultural sustainability, and degrades soil, air, and water quality. Indirectly, erosion also degrades environmental quality through contaminants attached to the sediment and it interacts with the global carbon cycle and climate change processes. Sometimes, these impacts are so severe that they reduce quality of… Continue

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Anambra state governorship election

Anambra governorship election . Time has come for us to join hands together to save Anambra. This is the opportunity to express our voting right and need not to play with it. We would not want a situation where imposition, through rigging, will take place. I am sure that the people know what they want, therefore INEC s...hould ensure fairness , so that at the end, peace will reign in the state. Mandate Movement

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We are in the third month of President Umaru Yar’Adua’s absence from office. No satisfactory explanation has been offered on his condition and whereabouts, and he has not transmitted to the National Assembly a letter informing the legislative house of his leave on health ground

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JEUN KO KU (The glutton)

Never tired of wraps of fufu,

No wonder the neighbours call him ‘Mufu’

He is an uninvited guest at parties,

A gate crasher with so many fantasies-

For sweet smelling delicacies.

Hand him steaming bowl of Semo

He is in for a show.

Ask him if he’d prefer palmy or burukutu,

He’d prefer mixture of both.

Jeun Koku; A gifted eater, a greed breeder.

He cares not if people were watching,

Who is he to deter the dog of his bone?

At… Continue

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Anambra Poll - Expect Hitch- Free Election.

The Awka Development Union of Nigeria (ADUN) based in the Netherlands predicted that the February 6, 2010 governorship election billed for Anambra State will be hitch-free.

Speaking from Netherlands, the group’s chairman Mr Obi Ochije said with the wide publicity the election has received it would be difficult for anyone to rig “Anambra is going to witness the best election ever held in Nigeria.

With all that is going on, rigging will be difficult. We believe that none of… Continue

Added by Obiochije on February 2, 2010 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Impeach President Umaru YarAdua of Nigeria Now!

Impeach President Umaru YarAdua of Nigeria Now!

Written by Paul I. Adujie


With all sense of duty and responsibility, as a Nigerian and as a lawyer, I write to members of the Nigerian National Assembly to urge and demand the immediate and prompt impeachment of President YarAdua forthwith.

The immediate impeachment and removal from of President YarAdua is required, demand and has become mandatory necessity, in order to put an… Continue

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The joint Statement on Nigeria by US, Britain, AU, and EU spoke of the need to keep Nigeria as a stabilizing force in the West African sub region. It vaguely spoke of the consequences of an insecure Nigeria in global security calculations and prefers that this renowned contributor to peacekeeping force in Africa continue to resolve internal issues peacefully in ‘democratic’ manner just as it envisages that the Anambra State election will prove that Nigerian democracy is superior after all. What… Continue

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The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi continues to leave no one in doubt that CBN reforms and sanitization of the banking sector is ongoing. Late in January 2010, the CBN once again unsheathed its sword to truncate the erstwhile unlimited tenure of Chief… Continue

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