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How To Prepare Egusi Soup With Tomatoes

Started Nov 6, 2018 0 Replies

Due to nutritional requirements and acquired taste, many have found their own unique ways of making some conventional dishes.Check out how to prepare Egusi soup with tomatoes, very similar to…Continue

Benefits Of Spring Onions

Started Nov 5, 2018 0 Replies

Spring onions have a similar taste to onions but are milder in flavour. This is often used as a Chinese ingredient in cooking which is loaded with flavonoids, vitamin C, carotenoids and some sulphur…Continue

Avatar Sequel Titles Revealed

Started Nov 3, 2018 0 Replies

It has been almost 10 years since the film Avatar was released yet it has been the highest grossing film of all time at the world box office earning $2.8 billion (N1 trillion).The film at the time…Continue

How To Prevent Stinky Feet

Started Oct 24, 2018 0 Replies

Stinky feet are often caused by little or no ventilation to your feet. Sweat plus no ventilation is a sure recipe for smelly feet. Bacteria eat the feet’s sweat which produces isovaleric acid which…Continue


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arun replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Five Gym Tips For Beginners
"This is the update you can be like here how to get free v bucks in fortnite hope you guys can be see easily join it game."
Jul 16, 2021
ashleydaniel replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Top Places To Shop For Affordable Corporate Wears In Lagos
"I am Isla, from Florida, this is the major issue with the people's, some of them are afraid to buy from online stores, and some of them are got bad experience, because of fake sites, I am also one of them, but now I have got great experience,…"
Mar 5, 2021
Obafemi Peter Lawal replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With loved Ones
"Hmmmm. Thoughtful and interesting"
Dec 25, 2020
Jacob Oram replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With loved Ones
"Such kind of activities are very useful for us and through these, we can get many benefits. We should follow these tips and enjoy success. I hope, many people will do so. Dissertation writing services. "
Dec 23, 2020
hms niela replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Is the Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?
"Yet it is practiced here in Asian countries. As in our culture it is still a strong belief that way to a man's heart is through  his stomach. So 95% of wives know how to cook. They have been through the process of helping their mother in…"
Sep 26, 2020
grom sereb replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Good sound or good lyrics: which do you prefer?
"Each person experienced the emotional power of music, which sometimes literally takes us by the soul. We can come to a state of euphoria from drive music in some rock club, and listening to a romantic ballad, to survive the deep longing of…"
Aug 18, 2020
PeskyWallaby replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion 5 Social Media Sites Where You Can Get Yourself A Date
"The best online dating website for finding a sugar daddy in Edmonton."
Aug 3, 2020
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Learn to be kind to yourself
"Thank you for kind and warm words, hope they work for the people who are really going through anxiety, depression and other disorders as you said. I treated my light anxiety with some medical cannabis, just vaped it regularly with a  Yocan Hit…"
May 19, 2020
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Nutrition Facts That Slow Ageing
"Smoking (just like other bad habits) doesn't favor good health, that's true. I began to feel many times better as soon as I quitted bad habits and especially harmful smoking, I just replaced cigarettes with a safer vape pen with eGo…"
Mar 30, 2020
John Doe replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Is the Way To A Man’s Heart Through His Stomach?
"Yeah, the times when it was woman's duty are in the past. Everyone can cook now. I just love it despite the fact I'm a man. Mostly I like to cook meat. But it's hard to do it, when you only got simple knives. I wanted new knives for a…"
Feb 13, 2020
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Four Activities That Cause Male Infertility
"Cigarettes are pure evil, nicotine and other chemicals containing in ciggies destroys both men and women. Smokers feel bad, look bad, breathe bad .. I am a lucky to have quite smoking (due to vaping and electronic cigarette Ezzy Oval ), I am…"
Feb 7, 2020
StraightAce22 replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Weird things men do after break-up
"buddy, you're so f*cking right!!!boys always want to return the things they had but lost..."
Sep 14, 2019
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion World No Tobacco Day: Seven diseases caused by smoking
"Great post, definitely worth sharing among smokers. Honestly I am sure there are more diseases vaping can cause, including cancer, diabetes and even blindness. I successfully managed to quit the harmful habit due to an electronic…"
Jul 22, 2019
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion What not to do when travelling alone in Nigeria
"I used to think that travelling by Nigeria is relatively cheap, thanks for the insight. I also used to think that Nigeria is not very safe, one should think about his personal safety and care about travel insurance (I usually trust these…"
May 10, 2019
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Five Myths About Adventure Travel In Nigeria
"Great post. Sometimes adventure and adrenaline are the best remedies to fight stress, these two make us feel alive, I know this for sure. Whenever I plan a trip I always try to make it adventurous and unusual, a little stress gives us necessary…"
Apr 24, 2019

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