Avast WiFi Inspector

Avast Wifi Inspector is a free tool that can be used to identify security problems in the home network. It’s an antivirus software company, and this product is a free add-on to their other products. This product is helpful in many ways. The first way it helps is by identifying any open ports that may pose a security risk because they can be infiltrated by hackers who then could then use this open port to access the rest of the network and remotely control the computer from afar. Another way it helps is by scanning for wireless networks around your house so you can see which ones are accessible from your location so you know if you should change your password or not for one of them.

Avast WiFi Inspector is a new application by Avast that lets you check and analyze your WiFi network for vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords and unsecured networks. The app will scan your home or office for any of these weaknesses and then provide you with recommendations on how to fix them. These recommendations are aimed at improving the security of your home or office wireless network.

Avast claims that they can find out which public wifi hotspot is authentic and which one is not. The main use case of Avast Wifi Inspector would be when there are many wireless networks available in a particular area, scanning them to see if they are free or not. It also gives the user the option to share this information with friends on social media or through email. Avast Wifi Inspector provides you with information about public wireless networks around you, so you can avoid being hacked.

The free version of Avast wifi inspector is not available and you can only get the full version of it. Avast wifi inspector is a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS. The free version of this app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App store.


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