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  • Obiochije

    You should have faith, one day, Nigeria will have true democracy, we need ur support.
  • Ejiro Abel

    I dont think that we will have a good democracy here in Nigeria because, we need a stong lader to control us.
  • Ben Minikwu, Esq.

    Hi my friend: I invite u 2 checkoutwww.nollywoodentertainmentportfolios.com 2 join our crusade 2 improve Naija's image at home & abroad; & 2 discuss hot topics bordering on Nigeria & African affairs. It's free/safe.
    Ben Minikwu, Esq. Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Paul Isebor

    Aliyu, what is your comment on Nigerian's dismal performance at South Africa 2010
  • Paul Isebor

    Well Adeniji, your request will be attended to when CORRUPTION becomes the only agenda in Nigeria
  • Paul Isebor

    Aliyu, I cannot but agree with your comment. Someday, we shall get there Insha Allah
  • Davis I.C.

    Thanks Aliyu, that was nice of you!
  • Osmond C G I

    thanks man, thats very thoughtful of u!
  • ibrahim mohammed usman

    2011 let us know that nobody know who will be the next 2011 president,so IBB is right.that 2011 in God'hand.bcos God's working will be according 2 His own will and plan, and not according tothe nigeria or sothern or northen wishes or whims of the ungodly.

    Hi Aliyu, thanks for the Birthday wishes, God bless you.
  • Ugochukwu Elendu

    Well done, Mr Adekunle. You are doing a good job. Keep it up and more grease to your elbow.
  • Austus C.J

    My Bro Adekunles, thanks for all comments. Then concerning your feelings about the jeep, i think is better showing you how to fish than given you fish. how did see it.
  • ibrahim d danladi

    thanks alot
  • ke us hi

    Thanks for the birthday wishes
  • Dominic David

    Hi,Thanks for the birthday wishes.Many blessings to you!
  • Agbo Ann

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