Application: Iron Ore,Tin,Chromium,Manganese,Niobium and tantalum,Rare earth,Industrial minerals,Heavy mineral sands,Garnet,Phosphate,Heavy media separation,Recycling.

Introduction: Magnetic separation separates the minerals according to magnetic intensity differences in Non-uniform magnetic field. the following are the main application of magnetic separation.

The separation of ferrous minerals: magnetic separation is the main processing way of iron ore, after the iron ore being processed, the ore grade will be improved,and the content of detrimental impurity will be reduced, which has a good effect on metallurgy smelting.

The separation of nonferrous and rare minerals: many nonferrous and rare minerals have different magnetic intensity, only gravity separation or only flotation separation can not have the good beneficiation effect, the combination of magnetic separation and gravity, flotation separation can have a good grade minerals.

The recovering of gravity separation medium, the magnetite and the ferrosilicon is the medium during the gravity separation.

Removing iron impurities from non-metallic mineral raw materials, iron removing can protect crushers and other equipment,the iron removing is very commen during nonmetallic mineral processing. Kyanite, quartz, red tourmaline, feldspar, nepheline diorite applies dry magnetic separation for a lone time.

The recovery of steel slag from the metallurgy smelting and pollutant removing from sewage: the great amount of steel slag in the metallurgy smelting. The steel slag can be recovered by dry grinding and dry magnetic separation.

Application of high gradient magnetic separation or deal with the sewage to remove the impurities.

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