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Is the BBC a Nigerian media house? If the president wants to make a speech, let him invite our national television to his sick bed so Nigerians can see how he looks

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... and even BBC world news does not know where our president is. On today's (19/01/2010) newscast, Bbc when talking about the Jos crisis, the correspondent was quick to add that the wherabout of the nigerian president is still in doubt.
Charity beggins at home and speaking on pariotism isn't a shame that a whole president can disappear without communicating with his people and only to have discussions with a foeign media outfit that goes to show how he disregards his own country, i dont blame him i was listening to our Highlited Senators argue on radio how they should send a rep to America to plead with them just to erase Nigeria from the terror watch list, i dont think people like these our leaders understand the meaning of the national athem and pledge, Nigeria now is a country with direction only God has been holding us in one piece.
I normally respect Ya' adua for my ostensibly believing that he has good heart. But now I have every reason to doubt him forever because all that he preaches, he does not practice...he says rule of law, then handing over to Jonathan while receiving medical treatment will be rule of rock, he says patriotism, but patronizing the national and presidential hospital is parochialism, he says, national branding..massaging Nigerians with an alien media will be national blasting... I have summoned courage to disregard Yar' adua as hypocrystic monument and convinced myself that all his acclaimed democratic postures are blatant hyper-pretense. Nigerians only forget easily, this is not the first time he is doing this, he had done it before and he has done it now and he will do it again. One thing about Nigerians is that they hate facing any problem squarely. For example, if Yar' adua surfaces now from his incubation shell, every body will shot up and momentarily forget his immediate past. That is why the politicians think that we are goat heads... we only talk..we cannot act...toothless bull dogs.. that is what they call us in secret, if you do not know, know today..........


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