Your beauty is demonic bonanza — Uche Maduagwu drags Bobrisky

Controversial actor Uche Maduagwu does not agree with Bobrisky's statement that he has collected the female gender from the real owners.

Bobrisky, Leave Rosy Alone And Focus On Your Role Model - Uche Maduagwu

As one of his achievements, Bobrisky also claimed to be the most talked-about celebrity in Africa.

Reacting to his statement, Uche shared a photo of Bobrisky sleeping with bumps in his beard area in full glare.

According to the actor, Bobrisky is claiming to be beautiful with his cheap makeup. 

Asking the crossdresser which herbalist told him that he has collected the female gender from the real owners, Uche said Bobrisky has been given a demonic beauty as a bonanza.

He said: "Jesus, abeg which Babalawo tell you say you don collect the female gender from the real owners? E must be #drinking unripe agbo, dem collect demon #beauty give you as bonanza and you dey form #beautiful. Even with all your minimum wage POMO filter you still no win Miss SAMBISA beauty pageant. Hello I got Chrissy Teigen and other A list #Hollywood celebs attention, uche and his legendary red bra is the most talked about for Africa."

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