I don’t know what challenges or health problems you may have because of

your size (even those of you who are not yet obese, as long as you are

overweight by as little as 7kg you’re already courting hidden diseases) and

this Larry guy….Had HUGE problems…He could only sleep on his back because if he slept on his side, his enormous weight would cut off circulation to his arm leaving it white and painful. Each morning his family had to help him out of bed by pulling and yanking for five minutes.

Then his younger brother put on his socks and shoes because he couldn’t

bend that far – arthritis already calling. He had no female friends, I mean

what girl would look twice at a grotesque slob like him? To cut the long

story short, Larry LOST ALL THAT EXCESS Weight! This guy dropped from 750 pounds to 175 pounds. That means he lost 575 pounds in 15 months. Let me explain that to you better.

He dropped from 340 kg (imagine) to 79 kg. that means he lost 261kg.

I don’t know what your weight is right now but I am sure that you don’t

weigh up to 200kg but the reason I shared this Amazing Weight Loss story

is…to encourage you and prove to you that even…


“YOU” can LOSE weight and BECOME as SLIM as you want to be”

All you need to do is to make that decision that you want to lose weight,

change what you are currently doing now to something better and finally

take many more steps in that direction.

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