What this is about yeah? You don’t really need a master’s degree except for very few reasons which we will definitely talk about down here. Averagely, I suppose that one degree certificate of any denomination, with a final year project(s) on it, is enough to get you the life that you wish to live only if you know and do what is needful.

Being a graduate certainly does not guarantee that you automatically have a good life afterwards, you’re not even sure to get a job after you’re done with school; instead it lifts you, your hopes and expectation and makes it difficult and embarrassing to submit to ‘lower standard’ when you don’t see the hopes coming. So to think of a Master’s degree fetching you a better life is a crafted deception that lets you spend more for less including time which is your greatest asset.

Reason with me - you don’t need a master’s degree if:-

You don’t have any business in the academia (you don’t wish to be a teacher)

Reason is that upgrading your knowledge focus and certificate level increases your value in the academia since the specialty is about impacting the best you know wither as early childhood education teacher, secondary school teacher or University lecturer.

You don’t have a career already up and running

Look at this – Obi struggled, barely could afford his school fees throughout his days in the university. Obi finally graduated with a second class upper degree certificate. Obi hasn’t got a job yet and he thinks he needs to upgrade his qualification to become more attractive to employers. He gets a school loan and enrolls for a master’s degree. Obi graduates with a good grade and realizes that he is over qualified for the available jobs. He is left with the underpaid jobs as the only available option because he is frustrated with job search.

Even if your education is fully sponsored, ensure that you have a career that is up and running. It makes your master’s degree programme align aptly with your career curve. It happens most time that what you study may have nothing to do with the job you find. Along the line, work may get really interesting that you want to master your arts in that knowledge curve; that’s where a certificate upgrade should come in or a professional course in most cases.

Call to action

Do not waste money and time seeking to get a master’s degree when you have not done well with your first degree, whatever denomination it is. Go for a relevant and value laden skill acquisition or internship instead, it will not only boost your confidence, it will also attract opportunities to your mind and broaden your horizon about better money making gateways.


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