You're wrong, Bolu Okupe faults father's claim on his sexuality

Bolu Okupe who recently came out as a gay person has refuted claims alluding that growing up in a liberal society influenced his sexuality.

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Bolu revealed his sexual preference in January on Instagram, captioning a picture he posted with ‘Yes I’m Gay AF’. The picture had him holding a rainbow flag – a symbol of the LGBT community.

Recall Doyin Okupe in a recent interview with VanguardLive Tv, claimed his son (Bolu) growing up in Europe played a part in the path he has now chosen.

He also said that Bolu was on a Godly mission in the gay community.

Bolu took to social media on Monday to debunk the claim saying, “Let’s get something clear. Living in Europe does not influence you to become anything that you aren’t already, it only gives you the freedom to actually express yourself due to not living in a backwards & hyper judgmental society. It’s 2021 people, get it together.”

According to him, the reason he didn’t speak immediately after the interview was because he didn’t want to end up on some type of blogs.

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