To say that money is very essential to our existence is to state the obvious.

Unemployment remains a serious social problem such that successive governments have been at a loss on how best to tackle the hydra-headed monster. If government does not know  how to handle unemployment, what sort of incentives do you think government would ever put in place to improve the lot of those of us who are employed? Nothing to lose one’s sleep over.

The time has come for us to take our destiny in our hands. Avenues To Wealth The state of our nation’s economy makes it imperative for those of us who are gainfully employed to seek Multiple Streams of Income if we must lead near-decent lifestyles.

Gone are the days when a university graduate who was a government employee could afford to buy a car, live in a 2 or 3- bedroom flat and provide basic necessities for his family. Nowadays, one has to be a Permanent Secretary or a Commissioner to be able to afford a decent lifestyle. The question is “how many years would we have to put into our jobs before we can get to such a cadre and how many of us would ever get there before retirement”?

The truth is, whether we are in business or government employed or in any other form of employment, we cannot afford to put all our ‘economic eggs’ in one basket.

What I am sharing with you here is borne out of my personal experience. I have been a teacher all my life; currently, I am a Chief lecturer and Head of Department in the Polytechnic. Would you believe that I could not afford to buy a car until after I had put in 20 years as a senior civil servant?

In Nov. 2009, I decided to change the status quo; I made up my mind to seek for alternative means of earning extra income without any risk to my current employment. I found an international company which within 2 years was doing business in well over 200 countries. Prof. Pat Utomi is the chairman of this company in Nigeria.

Believe it or not, “when there is a will, there is a way”; for me, the way came in the form of an online business opportunity offered by the company. This opportunity is simple, exciting and gives you the balance of being a blessing, empowering people, and still earning legitimate income.

As soon as I learnt about this wonderful opportunity, I immediately took advantage of it-  thank God I can confidently say, “I have had no regrets whatsoever”. For more information, browse on:

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