You keep wondering if Adekunle Gold, Simi are actually dating… See new photo

Simi and Adekunle Gold are two singers who have made names for themselves in the Nigerian music industry.

One thing we are not certain of is if they are dating each other.

Both have over the years, spotted together on many occasions and they have given their fans the impression that they are in love.

They just seem to be into each other anytime they pose for the camera.

However, they have both denied being in a relationship but the fans are still not convinced that they are not dating.

This new photo has fueled the speculations among their many fans that the singers have a thing for each other and may just be bottling it from public eye.

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that's not surprising as Asian women are among men’s most favorite, due to their caring behavior, dedication to family values and, obviously, for being among the most beautiful women in the world. As this planet changes furthermore into a melting pot of different cultures, the understanding of what makes us different allows a better assimilation of the characteristics that enable more harmony among people of different backgrounds.

hey, friend, in order to take Asian woman, you should have a different approach, because as for me, their dating culture and culture in general differs a lot and it seems too strange... Frankly speaking, I know what I'm talking about as I dated a woman from Asia, and, yes, I was pleased by this fact and I really felt happy, however, there were some aspects that I still can't understand... By the way, recently I found an article about Serious relationship with an Asian woman where are described all these aspects you have to pay attention to while you're going to date Asian woman... Be careful while dating them...


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