For how long are we going to cultivate madness.let y'aradua lets go the whole thing so that nigeria will have a rest of mind.It is just that nigeria is unlike before

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Na wa oh! Yar 'adua in not back in the country, neither is he ready to transfer power to Goodluck and National Assembly is sitting all the time without taking necessary actions on the matter. Should we say our National Assembly members are not aware of their responsibilities or that they don't want to react bcus they don't want to hurt Yar 'adua?
I think it is time to start voting PDP out from the nation.A party that have no trust of themselves,have no fear of God,have no respect of the Nigerian constitution,want to take us back to military rule should be scraped out now.
Let us start by voting PDP out from Anambra on saturday ,Re-calling all the PDP law makers in the house of Assembly to know whether they will start doing what is supposed to be done ,in order to save Nigeria ,either from military rule or dividing the country .
As much as we need a prosperous economy,security,standard electricity,good road network, we also need a healthy and upright leader ,who will carry us along to the promise land.


Okatta writes from Diaspora
Nice Post......


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