John Abayomi, Deputy Online Editor, with agency reports
50 days, after leaving Nigeria for medical treatment in Saudi Arabia with rumoured death in a section of the media, President Umar Musa Yar’Adua has spoken at last!

In an interview with the BBC, the first since he was whisked to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on November 23, President Umar Yar’Adua said he is recovering and will soon resume at his desk .

The telephone interview with the BBC today coincides with the mass protest lead by Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, former Governor of old Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, the Ikemba of Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu and pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare in Abuja.

In the recorded interview, Yar’Adua said he was making a good recovery.

“At the moment I am undergoing treatment, and I’m getting better from the treatment. I hope that very soon there will be tremendous progress, which will allow me to get back home,” he said.
“I wish, at this stage, to thank all Nigerians for their prayers for my good health, and for their prayers for the nation.”

Earlier, the Presidency reacting to the widespread speculations of the death of the ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua, yesterday, urged Nigerians to discountenance the story which it described as not only false, but also a figment of the writers’ imagination.

According to Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi, Presidential spokesman, who spoke from Angola, where he is participating in the ongoing CAF Nations Cup, said the public should discountenance the story, insisting that the president was not only alive, but very much conscious and getting better.

He told the State House correspondents from Angola where he had gone for the opening ceremonies of the African Cup of Nations: “The speculations are false.

The president is alive and actually getting better. He is very much conscious, can talk and has been talking, including making phone calls to some people back home.”

Adeniyi said he travelled to Angola with President Yar’Adua’s permission as a member of the Presidential Committee, adding, “so, I am here officially but I am coming back home hopefully tomorrow because he has so directed.”

The country was, yesterday, again for the second time in about 50 days, awakened by the news of the president’s death following a report to that effect published on the online edition of one American Chronicle, with concerned Nigerians making enquiries as to its veracity.

A local newspaper had last Sunday reported that the president who left the country on November 23 to seek treatment in Saudi Arabia for an ailment medically called acute pericarditis was brain-damaged and could not recognize anyone, including his wife, Turai.

Note: Readers should see link to the recorded telephone interview courtesy the BBC:

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yea right....Yar Adua indeed.

Why not a video interview? That could have been anybody from Katsina claiming to be Yar Adua.

Having said that,The press in Nigeria have so much lost respect that "Yar Adua" decided to talk to BBC and not even state owned media NTA. Until our pressmen and journalists stop asking for "HANDOUTS AND ENVELOPES" after press briefings, conferences and meetings, politicians will continue to use you as rags. How will you make a balance reportage if you are being given handouts and envelopes?
It is a big surprise that it took a rumour of his death by a foreign newspaper for the president to speak, even to another foreign journalist. The Nigerian press could not be contacted, even if it is by telephone. It is unfortunate that everything in Nigeria is politicised. If the President is a president over the whole nation, I think the nation deserved better treatment. This situation could have been saved if there were constant updates on the president's health. I only hope our politicians will learn.
There is nothing wrong with the frame of reactions across the world and indeed Nigeria over the Yar'Adua hype. The only wrong and bad development was the initial failure to trust and thrust his Vice with the reins of authority when it was obvious to him and his marabouts that the presumed medical hajj to Saudi Arabia may not be as short as ill-advised.

Moreover, his kitchen cabinet threw caution to the wings by massively insulting the collective psyche of the discerning public with outright lies and half truths. Hence, since there could be no reliable official position on the state of health of the President, Nigeria public had to depend on the most bizarre and aghast: SPECULATIONS and RUMOURS!

It is not yet late, if he is truly still alive as I believe he is, let him put his frail heart and mind to rest by handing over to his Vice in Acting capacity. Let us stop playing God in the name of politics. The ailing President stands to gain more and better by taking Nigeria more seriously than as his personal estate. Nigeria is not a banana republic!
whether he was actually the one who spoke or not..., one thing is certain; we definitely need capable hands to pilot our nation's affairs.
hun! Let us hope the voice was actually his. I am tired of all ds farce being played in Naija polity. We are all sojourners on ds planet, and moreso, anybody can fall ill but Yar' Adua shouldn't hold a whole nation in his palm. Let d constitution be upheld.
I do not understand why people are applauding this recent development, it is far from expectations. He is the President of this federation and has been AWOL for the past 50days, so if at all as it is claimed he is now conscious, the first thing he should have done was to address the nation. We were left in the hands of he's merciless cronies who kept telling us different things, further confusing us as to the true nature of things and he's health in general, so you would expect the first thing a truly responsive leader to do would be to talk to us, allay our fears and doubts, apologise to us and ask for our continued patience, not talk to a foreign media and say things like thanking us for our prayers etc. We are here, we are your people, talk to us, we want to know exactly what it is that is going on in your life.

Another thing I find particularly curious is the emphasis been made about he's now "been conscious". This is a man who "they" claimed was doing well and in a stable state of mind enough to sign the supplementary budget just weeks ago. Now if they are happily announcing that he is now conscious, does that mean he has been unconscious all this while, and if so who signed the budget?
I feel sorry for this country..... I see alot of danger ahead. The only solution to this big problem ahead, if not happening soon is in the hand of those who elected themselves to lead this country to where we are now. They had been warn several times but yet refused to listen to the voice of God.
the issue is not that he is dead or alive, but the moral justification.the whole saga is politically is no longer about the interest of the nation.the presidency and the parliament that has the responsibilty to give the nigerians the true picture of the story for their own intrest either to show their loyalty or political intrest.
it is absurd that his son in-laws are the ones telling us his where about.the role played by the vice president shows he is a figure head all in the name of not being ambitious and make me to doubt his ability if he eventually have the mantle of leadership.yar adua has no problems but those around him are the enemies of progress.
Since bbc were able to interview him as they said,in other to convince us i thought they would recorded a video taped and not a voice taped.
I feel you. But its unfortunate that we all are docile about this issue. How can a single man hold a whole 140 million pple to ransom and there are no protest from all quarters. Thank God for the wole soyinka let protest. I'm sure that if we have started protesting from all corners our so called leaders would have found a way out of this suspence

Martin Dj zukk said:
I feel sorry for this country..... I see alot of danger ahead. The only solution to this big problem ahead, if not happening soon is in the hand of those who elected themselves to lead this country to where we are now. They had been warn several times but yet refused to listen to the voice of God.
if i say i am not concern for Yar adua as person then i must be cruel. however as a president of my country i am miffed over his continuous hold to power even against his life. is this how terribly power drunk African leaders are? the office of the president is one that demand's a lot of energy and concentration becoming so tasking to an able bodied man talk more of a sick person. issues that are of national interest require urgent attention with all the vigor that it deserves please help yourself and the plenty of lives of Nigerians whose welbeing depends on your making the right decision that posterity will smile on you approvingly
let pray hard Nigerians so as To avoid suspension of the constitution......... that was a profesy from a clergy man. Please let pray

Ben Olusegun


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