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Nigerians know that they are yet to have a country they can call their own. The country called Nigeria has been cornered by crooks and pretenders who are accountable to no one except western banking interests. The country is consistently being vandalised while every one watches and the average Nigerian is left to fend for himself or herself.Fifty years after independence we are worse than when we began. It is absolutely imperative that a national conference be convened to figure out the future direction of the country.The status-quo is unacceptable."There is no basis for Nigerian unity" so said Yakubu Gowon in 1967. This statement resonates even more today than it did then. But those who have their hands on the till will tell you that Nigeria is actually matching towards democracy and that by 2020 it will overtake Japan and Germany even while 90% of the nation remains in darkness everyday,something unthinkable in 1960.Who is fooling who?
It is more of a pity than blame. Pity in the sense that the people who are behind this destardly act are bereft of intelligence. The scenario has once more re-affirmed my belief that Nigeria as it is presently constituted is a faulty arrangement. We are not a nation yet and until we rise to live above ethnicisim and biase, Nigeria will continue to wubble and fumble. The plotters of the "coupe" believe that they can do anything and get away with it. This is nothing but treason and those who smuggled the ailing president into the country should be made to face trial.
Can we just call this a return in the dark or just the same syndrome of a written manuscript of the power drunkenness,that had been servicing in the Nigeria Capital Abuja, since the decision to hurriedly adopted it without any preparation of human love and the adhesion of Nigerians by the selfishness of a man. To me the scenario is a continuation of that ugly privation of sanctification a sort of religious blessing of the new capital necessary before we move in -that act alone had provoked the God's of so many Nigerians, and until justice is done Abuja the city of unity or centre of unity, you call it will know no peace and will remain the major problem of our political stability.

Imagine, no President nor head of state since, the Ibrahim Babangida, immeritous decision of imposition to escape blame for which Lagos is characterised, so as to continue his inhuman atrocities of baron of Drugs, 419, suicide bombers and higher killers doctrine perpetuated or erected as government policy and turn rich ism to a desolate ruin non of this act had been forgiven. This penchant for shielding of innocent bloods is the reason for the pollution of the Land called Abuja, as innocents bloods are crying from that seat of unity- unless a total and collective repentance, is carried out in public with the setting, aside of a day without work to morn the innocents, to seek the face of God of creation- nothing good from the dark in Abuja, even with his return, it will be truly a return to the dark- Abuja, is a sin capital it can never or will never be the center of unity it is already a center of division- until all actors who had made it to be so come forward, from IBB to this day publicly to repent it will continue to be the stooge of craziness that will tear us apart many goods sons of Nigerians are crying from theirs tomb and they all need rest.
so much evil is perpetuated under the guise of the dark, like the gruesome drive-over on the lagos-benin expressway. little wonder feeble men thought to carry out their dastrdly deeds under like cover! pathetic!
FROM WARRI: These 'people' una no dey tire for talk talk, where the President. He dey shame to come out come talk? These guys should leave the president alone, and let him reccuperate health wise. If all is even partially well with him, it will cost him anything to even address the nation for even 5 minutes. Till then all those rumour mongers should hold their peace and save us these lie lie story story.... E don do oooo
yesterday my friend was lamenting the actionlessness of the acting president and he was struck that I was just laughing.Nigerians don't learn until they have to in a hard way.Despite help by those who should know many are still deceived by the going in Abuja.They expect too much of someone in prison.Let us take an instance. If are a Vice President whose selection came conditional to the effect that you had to post-sign your resignation letter and pass on to your President and your Party has a copy and can put a date on it any time,how do you push too hard for reforms?I smile at the optimism of those who are green in Nigeria Politics and they don't want to learn from other's experiences.So you guys can gather your own frustrations backing an uncertain horse instead of taking your destiny in your hands.The right way is the proposed shadow Parliament to debate everything about Nigeria in an unaffected environment of New York, agree and appoint a shadow Cabinet to implement them.If you stop giving them attention now as I earlier advised they will join you tomorrow.They need a direction badly.They are not the true Nigeria's leaders but are lost. Don't be lost with them.A word is good enough for the wise.Okey Ndibe over to you for this unfolding stage of the Nigerian revolution.
Mr. Samuel Ogun, i do not think that inputs such as yours are what we need at this trying time. Do you listen to yourself at all? do really mean well for this country?
Amongs the KITCHEN CABINET are both Notherners & Southerners(people from all the geo-polical zones), just as there are amongs those strugling against them.
Bottom line, we need Prayers and is a collective responsibility, be you a Muslim, christian or other(s). As a muslim,i believe in this world prayers are answered by GOD from those that belive in HIM directly or indirectly. By the way, who told you that the NOTHERNERs DON'T PRAY? PLEASE STOP THIS NEGATIVE INCITEMENT!


Prayer Changes things. Many southern Nigeria people are praying. you will see what will happen. God wants to teach the northerners that Prayer is mighthier than Jihad. If you know the number of people the North has killed in the name of getting power you will be surprised. The blood of those people are at the door step of the Hausa's leaders who gave thier nod for the killlings. I tell You Yaradua's case is not the End. They will sink and be cut off without anybody doing it. The God of Host will do it. These are the signs of great thing to come Please mark my word
pls can sum1 gve me a good reason why, d president is back in 9ja
Samuel please, take it easy. I support Abubakar Jibri Bako because this prblem is a national one. Let us not fight here as if we are the imposed illiterate lawmakers. We need suggestions to move Nigeria.
We are in a dark conutry. So, what do you expect ?
Thank you My Brother! Sometimes I wonder if we are at all going to solve the problem, when we are yet to identify one and even when we do, we pathetically compound it with issues that are not really suppose come up in the first place. It’s an unavoidable fact that no matter how one doesn’t like it, NO religion (Islam/ Christian) can put to Extinct the other. So why shouldn’t we accept one another.
Bad elements exist in both Islam & Christianity, you find them almost everywhere. The question is do they really believe that they will be question for actions & inactions? This is an issue of morality, conscience & Discipline.
Now, let’s go back to the main issue, CORRUPTION!! This people (KC)are corrupt no doubt about that, but how did they get to where they are, and why are they able to keep on thinking that they are deceiving people and it will last forever……. ?
Thank you!

Onu. Anedo said:
Samuel please, take it easy. I support Abubakar Jibri Bako because this prblem is a national one. Let us not fight here as if we are the imposed illiterate lawmakers. We need suggestions to move Nigeria.
i think its high time we stopped the idea of political parties this political parties dat behind us in this nation, how can a polittical party just take us to rasome like that, not until we state puting the nations interest above that of individuals, there will be no progress in this Nigeria of ours, do u want to tell me Obasanjo as not spoken with Turai all this while, cant be, they are just using the poor woman to carry out their evil intentions, lets not see this one way, lets start looking at what some poeple av been gaining sinse the yaradua thing started, contratcs, petrol deals, deregulation, etc, all join together


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