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Can someone please change the caption to : Return of the dark
This is so funny and yet profound... as it aptly describes the political and constitutional crises in Nigeria, foisted upon our nation as a result of Mr. Umaru Musa YarAdua prolonged ill-health and his elongated stay in Saudi Arabia.

There needs to be full disclosure and total accounting to Nigerian people. The people of Nigeria are the electorate in whom political and constitution power is derived .

Nigerian political leaders must stop ignoring and neglecting the electorate, the citizens and the general public ... thereby alienating them from the political and constitutional process.

True democracy, requires and demands respect and regard for the electorate and the entire citizenry...

Participation and active engagement of the electorate in the development of political and constitutional process must be encouraged. The purpose of democracy is defeated when the electorate is sidelined and disregarded.

Most sincerely,
Paul I. Adujie
New York, United States
I cannot just imagine what these politicians have turned themselves to, having no regard for the entire over 100 Million Nigerians. This is sad! The Save Nigeria Group (SNG) are trying in their capacity but I think simple protests of SNG type may not change the situation in Nigeria. Let the NLC call for nationwide strike if the whole economy is paralised for a week, I think the politicians will know that Nigerians are not idiots. Which one do we believe now, nobody has sighted the darkness President since his purported return, some people believed he had not actually returned, some said he was dead, they created room for all these speculations, manipulations and suspicions. Ag. President Jonathan should take more proactive steps especially if he was sure he has the loyalty of the Military.
It is too appolying that few nonentities in the presidency are taking the whole nation for ride but I know that Nigerians are not ignorant of their tricks. It is just because no one good Nigerian wants destruction of the nation otherwise they would have faced a serious upheaval, and one thing that might be making them think that they are above the law, might be their thinking that they have the hold of some top military officers. I envisage this, retrospecting on the action of the army chief that disregarded the Acting President in that urgly way of parcelling Yaradua back home in such devil minded night. But what pains me is the attitude of the Acting President in this matter. He should act fast by ordering the arrest and trial of the army chief for treason. He is the Commander of the Armed forces but it seems he is ignorant of such enomous power vested on him. he should utilize it for the good of Nigerians. Once he understands his powers and acts accordingly, all the evil actors in this scenerio will hide themseelves. Again, I have to say that Mrs Yaradua on her own part committed questionable offence no matter that Yara is her husband.Ok, assuming he is not Nigerian head of state, he is someone's brother and kinsman. Is a wife correct to hide her husband from his kinsman in African situation? We should think of this. I am seeing her as a type that pushes her husband into unreparable mistakes. Nigerians are postponing the evil day by relaxing.
Paul, we are yet to experience democracy in Nigeria. What we have in Nigeria, is certainly government by the errand boys, selected by the godfathers and to serve the godfathers. They have no agenda of their own. Most legislatures today are there for what they can grab. They tend to profit in crises situations as this, when they can get easy bribe money. The amount you make depends on whose camp you belong to. it's a big shame. That probably explains why no one bothers about the interest of the masses so long as they (the politicians)are assured of a return ticket by the "looting party" (PDP). A situation where the supposedly acting President and Commander in Chief is denied access to Mr Yar'Adua who is being held hostage by the "first lady" will tell you that this so called democracy is a mess.
One thing is sure, nothing lasts for ever. These will all fizzle out in time, like all other similar events in our national history. Nigeria will surely survive.
God bless Nigeria.

Dr Osita Okonkwo,
New Orleans, LA
The unfolding drama and erupting confusion and schemes are rather unfortunate.
Things have fallen apart..........No longer at ease............
A cabal have beaten sleep and will have to sleep while standing...........
Everybody, every office should note that we are questionable for our ACTIONS and INACTION
at every point in time. Only TRUTH can last. Truth on issues is singular and changeless.
No wonder our Min. of Infor. had earlier said- YOU CAN ONLY MANAGE THE INFORMATION THAT YOU HAVE.
God bless good people of this great nation. And decide by himself what he wil do to those ''not good.'
[email protected]'
we are at a loss to what the politicians can do again , I believe the gentlemen man was just brought back here for his wife and in law to negotiate their position In the next political dispensation . That described how juicy political offices are here and explains why the do or die approach
This is why Nigerians should consider empowering states more than the centre so as to curtail the desire for presidency. Once the presidency is unattractive, the struggle will concentrate at the various confedrating units, thereby ensuring peace and stability in the polity

olaniyan abibu taiwo said:
we are at a loss to what the politicians can do again , I believe the gentlemen man was just brought back here for his wife and in law to negotiate their position In the next political dispensation . That described how juicy political offices are here and explains why the do or die approach
In warri this situation is lebelled 'E DON RED'. I doubt if mr.President is aware of the happenings. So who then signed the budget? who deployed the squd that went to the airport to wait madam turia and her 'contraband'? Wetin remain when go happen?

Actually, desolving or sacking the ministers and getting them, the army chief and whoever that have participated in putting Nigerians on edge, tried and displined I believe, will go a long way in curtailing future occurence of such type of manipulations. If not done, it will be a point of reference in future.
This is a complete disregard for the Nigerian populace who voted them into power, that is if truely they were those we voted for. It comes to show how useless our politicians are all in the name of money, they have sold their birth right and have dined with the devil, they have engaged themselves in illicit sex with nemesis and they would be paid back in their own coin.
we are yet to experience true democracy in nigeria, the so called politician are taking nigerians over 150 million people for a ride, just take a good look at house now almost all the ministers are representing their godfather and not nigerian likewise the senate, they should have this at the back of their mind, the presidency is bigger than the president.


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