What final year students’ 2021 goal should look like

Back in the days at school, I did recite what I consider my favorite lines of poem at the beginning of the school year. As much as I could remember, the poem sparks up some energy and prints relatable goals that students even at my level would achieve if they want to. I’m going to put you through these relatable lines and ofcourse paint a picture of what a students’ 2021 goal-set should look like.

Students’ creed

I cast out of my life        

Failure that comes from wasted hours

And put on success

That comes from hours well spent


The words are simple, striking and sparks up some sense of responsibility for your academic success or failure. This brings us to where we started – what a final year students’ 2021 goal should look like. Well it’s a new year and indeed a new season for students. 2020 saw a daring setback in education and many other sectors, rallying options for diversification and supplementary options for students. These are what I have included in what your 2021 to-do list should look like.

Plan for your final year projects

As a final year student, I guess your utmost priority is to round up with school very quickly and see what next life has to offer. If that sounds like you, you really need to make plans for your final year project; do not allow the unstable education sector to weigh you down. Get your project topics ready if you haven’t and if you care, search out relevant project topics and research materials you will need to complete your research project. If your project will require extra funding, now is still the best time to prepare financially.

Save up

Fact is, you cannot save your way to becoming rich, but you can save to save a situation. As a soon-to-be graduate, life becomes funny when job hunting gets wild. However if you graduate prepared, I mean financially, you can set a lot of goals moving while still job hunting, if need be. Saving up for life after school this year won’t be a bad idea if you asked me.


Learn a skill

2020 was such a whole lesson and if you have truly graduated from that class, you need to learn a skill. Not just any kind of skill, one that is relevant, flexible and ofcourse solves problems.


Study books that are relevant to your final year projects. Study books that give you in-depth knowledge about your course of study. Study books and lives of people that teach financial literacy. Study anything that is relevant to everything that adds value to your life this year.

Always keep the vibes alive. Happy new year.

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