Writing my final year research wasn’t tough; I decided to share how

 Writing my final year research project wasn’t as tough as I initially anticipated. After the period I presented several three different research project topics, I got a turn down from our director general projects. I had to consult my favorite lecturer who finally helped me rework the project topics that was initially rejected. Finally, I got my research project topic approved. Then time actually started counting for my undergraduate project to be completed.

Writing my project

Actually, I didn’t start writing my project on time after the period of choosing my research project topics. I felt really reluctant and also thought it was very difficult starting. But then I started writing:-

With the introduction (chapter 1)

I actually started by doing a quick research about sustainable development goals, which was a background topic that birth my project topic which basically is about maternal health issues. After that, I penned down a detailed discussion about what I have gathered from the information I got from sustainable development goals and linked it favorably to my research project topic.

Next, I moved to define the terms maternal health and other related terms I was going to use throughout my research project writing. I think that was the most engaging part of my project chapter 1.

Still in this same chapter, I continued with the statement of research problem, objectives and research questions.

Writing my chapter 2                            

My project chapter two was more an essay part of my research, there was a lot to read and consult and even more to reference and cite. I really couldn’t find my way around it very easily, so I consulted my department communication journals, the textbooks I had, my university library as well as the internet. Many times, I visited my lecturers offices, asking for books they could recommend; interestingly they did recommend some which was quite helpful throughout the research.

The materials for literature review and all was down and set plus I knew my way around the theories that points to my research, it made it even easier.

Writing my chapter 3

The chapter three of a research project is usually the smallest. Reason is that it only contains the information about the research methodology that is to be used for the research. It explains in details every little step including the research samples, population, the research technique and other methods that will be employed based on the requirements of your discipline or department.

So for me, that’s exactly what I did following the guideline that is required for my research project topic.

Other things I did well

·         I followed ever instruction

·         I took corrections seriously

·         I brought back the corrected copies in time

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