Argumentative essay is one of the most important parts of the academic requirements. Most of the students think that it is quite easy, as they just have to present the argument regarding an issue or topic; however, commit mistakes when they actually start writing one. Moreover, after committing a mistake once or twice, most students start thinking that they cannot write an argumentative essay and start searching for help by typing a word like do my essay online.

If you are also among such students, do not lose hope, as you still have enough time to learn. Writing is an art, and there is no restriction in learning it. If you want to learn how to write an outstanding argumentative essay, here are ten simple and effective steps, following which you will be able to learn the art. If you think that writing is a difficult task and who can write my essay for me, you should consult a legitimate essay writing service. For now read this article, infographic and video to write an essay on your own.

  1. Select the Topic

Selecting a perfect topic for the argumentative essay is the very first step towards writing an outstanding argumentative essay. If your instructor has assigned the topic, then there is no other choice except following the topic. However, if the topic is not provided, utilize the opportunity in a perfect manner by opting the topic of your interest. Do not go for a difficult topic just to impress the instructor, or follow the example of other students by picking some easy topic. Keep in view your interest and understanding of the topic before finalizing one.

  1. Do Background Research

The next step in the process of writing an outstanding argumentative essay is doing background research about the topic. It is quite important to make your essay exceptional because you cannot just write the information about the issue, which you learned from the news, public discussions or social media forums. You need to develop academic knowledge about the matter by exploring the research in the field.

  1. Know about both Sides

Generally, there are two sides to an issue. The purpose of the argumentative essay is to provide a detail description of the two sides of the issue and leaving it on the readers to decide which side is right or wrong. You do not need to share your support with any side unless your instructor has asked you so. Moreover, students commit the mistake of sharing the stance of only one side, which is also wrong and you need to put equal effort in representing either side of the matter.

  1. Create an Outline

After knowing about the two sides of the issue, the next step is to create an outline of your essay. You need to include the hook statement, thesis stamen, topic sentences and concluding sentence in your outline of the essay. If you think that it is an unnecessary step, you are mistaken, as the outline will provide you with a guide of the essay and help you to follow a defined structure as well.

  1. Write Introduction

The next step towards writing an exceptional argumentative essay is to write the introduction of the paper. Include the hook statement and thesis statement from the outline of the essay. Moreover, discuss the background of the problem, as well as the different stances about it in the introductory paragraph of your paper.

  1. Present Your Argument

After that, utilize the body paragraphs of the paper to present the arguments of the proponents of one side of the matter. In addition to presenting the argument, present the support and evidence of the claims. You can support your arguments by taking help from the refresh articles; however, do not forget to cite them in a proper manner. 

  1. Provide Counter Argument

The next step in the writing process is to provide the counter arguments about the issue. Counter-arguments means the stance of the other side of the issue. Utilize a separate paragraph to include the arguments of other side and do not forget to back it up with support and evidence. Moreover include the proper citation of the sources which you use, in the paper.

  1. Provide Evidence

Providing evidence of the claims is one of the most important parts of argumentative essay writing. If you do not provide the evidence of your claims, your essay will look like a piece of your opinions regarding the matter. You have to show to the readers that the points you have shared are actually supported by the research work in the field.

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