It is often said a fool at 40 is a fool forever, Nigeria is over 40 is there any hope of it coming up from corruption and poverty?

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Nigeria will get better some day and everything will turn for good, citizens will smiles and enjoy the benefit of dividency of democracy with a good leaders to pilot the nation for change, cos change is the only pernanent thing in life.
A fool cannot continue to be fool for life. in the case of Nigeria, yes we have come of age in the life of this nation, we just need the cooperation of every Nigerian to put the country in its rightful position
Not with the calibre of Leadership & corruption on the increase. Imagine where former 419ners are Governors & most Governors are dictators in their respective state. Looting of the treasury & monthly allocation of Federal oil revenue squandered by LGA Chairmen to state level with no accountability. Never! Never!!


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