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yea i agree with you Mr Haruna, Andookaa must be sent packing.he should take it easy too.
He is the man in charge..at least for now..so he has the right to take proactive actions..no matter how drastic it maybe, so far it is for the good of the country. If i may recommend a minister to be sacked..then the attorney general/minister of justice should be AXED!!! HEAVILY AXED!!!
The first person i feel my new president should sack from his acquired cabinet is the petroleum minister who feel his too much for the country then Andookaa b4 others.
what do u think, not what people think
He is well educated and having worked with the present cabinet, he should know where there are lapse that would require change. I am sure he would also want people that are loyal to him. Be that as it may, there are lot of minitries that are not performing.
sack Yar'adua if he can.

Roseline John said:
what do u think, not what people think
It will not be right to reshuffle the cabinet now. He should concentrate on the major tasks ahead
I believe it would be important for him to clean the cabinet. He should introduce technocrats and not politicians. AGF has been deceiving nigerians and does not deserve that office. Ojo disgraced his country and doesn't deserve to remain. Likewise, the minister of transport has been very wasteful and I wonder who authorised the 24 billion naira contract.
Yes , the best way is to change his cabinet, because most of the cabinet there now are all bunch of liars and he should not trust them. He needs to make his mark. The first change should be Iwu the INEC man and Aonduaak. That man can not conduct another election the country will be in danger.
Thats what is been expected of him to enable him function effectively.
As the man in charge, he should be more assertive, and as usual members of the 'AGIP" Any Goverment In Power, will be lurking around the corner ever ready to boot lick he should discourage that by showing them the way out.
Yes, it will do him good if he do that because there may be some members of his cabinet that may not be competent enough as so desire by Goodluck. Remember, this is politics if the government fails is him that fail and all fingers points at him. If he wants a good record then there is need for such action.


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